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The interpreter (who did not graduate at any school, even not any primary school) said about meteorites that meteorites in a large number circle around the earth, and around each planet; i.e. each planet has its own meteoritic rocks circling around it.

But because such rocks are not regular in shape: i.e. they are not spherical, their movement and circling is awkward and not regular.

Then when this was written by some believers here in this forum, some objected claiming the science: and they said: no, there is no such thing that rocks circles around the earth.

So he asked a Canadian astronomer: a professor in the university: one of Canada's universities: is there a large number of meteoritic rocks circling around the earth? The Astronomer answered: no, there is not so many rocks: only there two or four near earth objects. This was some years ago.

So the interpreter said: a large number of rocks circling around the earth, and the professor said: only 2-4 near earth objects!

But now see how many of such near earth objects as they call them.

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