There are said to be some creatures acting on behalf of the God. In some religions such ministers are called angels and in some deities. Why the God being Almighty requires such ministers and He can do what ever He likes with in no time and with out any efforts?
The God created humans with free will so He might have created such a creation that might/may not disobey him being absolute loyal and absolute obedient. Such ministers may not be deputies, assistants and not at all helpers as it would be interference in his entirely absolute universal domain. Any faith in God dependent on others for any sort of execution would be quite unnatural so unacceptable for true faithful humans. They might/may be executing some assignments absolutely in accordance with the Godís will but might/may not be respondents to any calls or prayers. They might/may not act on their own so why prayers and why calls?
The God did/does not allow any sort of sharing or minutest sharing in his powers and also prayers. It is totally unnatural to believe in god or gods sharing the power and the God created humans in his own image.
Are or are not, how many and what names of such ministers are, have no concern with faith in the God. How humans who happened/happen to live in different regions of world might/may know about such matters? All religions differ on such issues. Such issues are totally unnecessary additions and true faith consists of only ONE, the Almighty, the God. The God might have created them for appearance in any shape, for any purpose at any time, any where and in any numbers but faith in the God is not at all inclusive of any additional compulsions. If there are ministers or angels then they are good fellows doing always good without any possibility of error or fault.
There is said to be an invisible creation called jinn and perhaps devils are also of their tribe. Jinn may be good or bad but devils are symbol of evilness. It is also believed that there is one chief devil Satan the absolute evil who entices humans to selfishness, evil deeds and diverts them from the straight path to the God and goodness.
Strife between good and evil is said to be going on. Such strife may be with in every human. Goodness demands humans to overpower or get rid of evilness and evilness has its allurements. Evilness is based on selfishness in humans so they are cruel, coward, and extravagant, miser, wicked etc. Such selfishness is based on self projection, self promotion or as they think self protection though they do not actually achieve these objectives through such evilness.
If evil and good sections exist to attract humans on their side then evil section is no doubt biggest enemy of all humans and deserves most severe condemnation. Such condemnation becomes also necessary to get favor of goodness. Protection of Almighty is no doubt the most reliable shelter so it should be sought and prayed for to suppress evil allurements and to overcome forces of evil. If there is/are devil or devils then even enmity does not fully expresses the relation between humans and him or them.
If magic exists then it reflects amity instead of enmity between concerned human/humans and devils. Such humans show their loyalty to evilness and who ever are much steadfast and much persistent are much successful evildoers or magicians. They denounce good and the God. They are truly damned irrespective of their creed attachment. They seek help from devils instead of the God.
True believers of the God who seek guidance, forgiveness and protection from the God need not worry about jinn or devils as they may not harm them but those obstinate who persistently defy goodness may be their victims. True believers do not seek help from evil forces in whatever situation they may be. The God is Almighty and absolute worthy of all possible trusts; so why fear other forces if there are any. Faith in the God does not include any particular belief about any such forces and believers may remain unconcerned. However I feel presence of such unseen deluding elements diverting from right path and spirituality. Damned elements or persons wish and like others to be damned.
Friends, sincere relation of a person with a human or humans demands all actions and intentions for him/her or them and not for reputation, appreciations, reward, traditions, religions or any other motive. If such things come as a result then neither forbidden nor bad but must not be objective or even shared objective. Sincerity of a relation is not lessened but more deepened and intensified even it faces severe condemnations or hardships. Do not most of humans have other objectives or supplementary objectives to have relation or let me say to have faith in the God? Do they not want the God to accept their wishes, likings and inherited or chosen way as the only possible truth instead of asking the God for guidance? Do they not need to look closely into their hearts if claim sincerity in relation with the God?