Canada defeats USA in Australian Rules at Thunderbird Stadium, Vancouver

Canada have defeated the USA at in the Ironbark International Challenge at Thunderbird Stadium in Vancouver.

2,500 people received a great return on their investment seeing the home team, Northwind defeat an overrated American Revolution. It was the biggest crowd for an international test in the sport outside of Australia and shows just how far it has come in this country in such a short time.

Canada (35) def USA (29).

Some photos:

The outstanding victory is a monumental step for Canada's 2008 International Cup preparation, as Canada is currently ranked 10th compared to USA' ranking of 5th.

Wish I was there.

And in the women's division the USA Freedom convincingly defeated Team Canada. Is it just me or do these girls look HOT in those outfits.

More to come
Yes, the girls do look hot!

Thanx for the article + pics.
apparently our Under 17s Aussie Rules side, the "Wolfpack" also defeated the USA (and very well too).

Great work young ones. I hardly even knew we had junior Aussie footballers. But that has to be a good thing, although it will make it more competitive for us oldies.
Though, they could have probably been named the Fauxhawks based on the prevailing hairstyle ...

Scores are here:
USA college football season started yesterday but I couldn't spend too much time watching as my interest is in ARF, NRL, RCW, or soccer. That's what I call real football.
Check out this great catch in the international game by Canadian Bruce Parker against the USA.

View the video here.

This is one of the best I have seen. AFL or otherwise.
You're right --- that was awesome

The one that stands out for me is the one over the goal line umpire:

As I think about it more and more, ARF kinda grows on you. The more you watch it, the more you realize what an entertaining sport it really is. Let's hope it will be back on North American TV again next year. If not, I'll keep watching on BigPond which is even better than TV because it does not have commercials during the broadcasts.