Who is Osama Bin Laden ?

A comedy piece for Jim :P
Well acquainted with the details of this tragi-comedy, mrmom2.

But I have no fortitude to quibble with all the details, because overall the whole idea of America's complicity with Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein as allies is well known and accurately documented.

Just one quibble, that in the upper paragraphs the author claims al Qaeda had no idea America was using Osama bin Laden as a proxy fighter against Russia in Afghanistan is naive beyond all possible belief.

He knew it, even if the sanctimonious author of the article did not have the sense to understand that himself.
I think not
mrmom take a break from the links. Rent Noam Chomskys "Distorted Morality", you'll be asleep in 3 minutes. :P
Osama's head on ice Here
Vanni Fucci
Free Thinker
Tim Osman?
Osama = first published spelling was Usama but for some reason they changed it. But ( US---AMA ) does mean something, maybe that why the changed it and can't seam to find him ?????? Dan

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