Big Brother is Watching

Reverend Blair
Our Privacy Commissioner is promising to act against a US company that mines data on Canadians. A spokesman for the company said, "[T]he company's clients include Canadian government agencies, but declined to name them," according to the article. So the Privacy Comminsioner is trying to shut them down while government agencies use them to collect information on us?
Paranoid Dot Calm
Hey! Reverend Blair

Do you remember what they promised us when they introduced using Social Insurance Numbers?

Remember when people all screamed about loss of privacy and now everybody wants it? We lost our privacy when we got an SIN number.

Same stuff .... different pile!
Reverend Blair
We have control over our SIN's though...we only have to give them out for tax reasons. It is illegal for employers or the government to share them or our tax information.

This is much more intrusive and, if you read the article, no even accurate. They decided the one person investigating was into S&M. Can you imagine a prospective employer hearing that?
The government is monitoring chatrooms now,trying to catch all us nasty radicals before we attack!
ha you guys crack me up! :P
All cell phone transmissions are monitered by the NSA,certain key words can trigger a very drastic response. And the Net,too. A pal of mine was checking out some kiddie porn while at the local college here, and the FBI shut him down right there.
so ho wlong til we get a totalitarian regime?
The strange thing about all this recording and monitoring of all our forms of communication is that they do not have anywhere enough people to retrieve the info they could use. Odds are,we'll never get into trouble. Remember, we're only as free as the government allows usw to be.
Reverend Blair
Like so many things that depends as much on our neighbours as on us, SJ. There was a man named Shaheed Mahmoud on CBC Radio 1 this morning who apparently made a Canadian no-fly list. He was not allowed to board an Air Canada flight in Vancouver because his name was flagged. Canada does not yet have an official no-fly list, so where did Air Canada get his name?

Here's a hint...he's an editorial cartoonist from Toronto. One of his regular targets is George Bush. He was born in Canada, but spent much of his early life in Pakistan.

Gee I wonder how his name got on a list that doesn't officially exist in this country?''
Just part of the new spirit of cooperation between Paul Martin and his new best friend,Georgie. Wait and see,in a few years he'll be so far up George's butt,he'll think the whole world is brown and stinky.
On the other hand, our beef will be going South and the softwood dispute will be settled & we will be participating in the StarWars Initiative.
Diamond Sun
My husband and I always make anti-american type comments when watching big USA saves the day type movies, and then joke about the swat team swooping into our living room and taking us away. Seems that maybe it's not so far fetched...
Quote: Originally Posted by missile

A pal of mine was checking out some kiddie porn while at the local college here, and the FBI shut him down right there.

Uh... I think that's a good thing.
It would've been even better had you spelled "shut" with an "o".
Please tell big brother, as soon as I find out where he has moved to I am coming over. And tell him I have grown a little since the last time I saw him.

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