BREAKING: Reports of shots fired in Manitoba as police search for manhunt suspects

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In Canada, with its population less than half that of Britain, 130 people were killed by handguns in 2016.

That's a month's worth in a big American city. ...think 30,000 a year down there....

Probably. Thankfully, I live in Britain so I worry about getting shot as much as I worry about a little meteorite zooming down and clonking me to death on my head.
Curious Cdn
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Probably. Thankfully, I live in Britain so I worry about getting shot as much as I worry about a little meteorite zooming down and clonking me to death on my head.

You should be worried about bring groomed, Kafir.
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You're not paying attention, pigs.

No you are projecting . We don’t have a neo nazi problem in Canada . As much as you may want to believe that , most Canadians are to busy working and paying taxes to keep Trudeau’s plane in the air , to have time for that B.S.
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You should be worried about bring groomed, Kafir.

Nope no racists around here .
Slain American tourist’s sister accuses B.C. fugitive’s dad of failing to take responsibility
Canadian Press
August 12, 2019
August 12, 2019 8:41 AM EDT
Bryer Schmegelsky, left, and Kam McLeod. BC RCMP
The sister of an American tourist says the father of one of the British Columbia men named as a suspect in the woman’s death isn’t accepting his share of responsibility for her family’s sorrow.
Kennedy Deese, whose sister Chynna Deese was found dead along with her Australian boyfriend Lucas Fowler near a highway in northern B.C. in mid-July, posted a statement to Facebook on Saturday accusing Alan Schmegelsky of playing the victim.
Alan Schmegelsky, father of Bryer Schmegelsky, poses for a photo during an interview with The Canadian Press in Mill Bay B.C. on Wednesday, July 24, 2019. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Laura Kane)
Deese also said Schmegelsky isn’t “cut from the same cloth” as her family, and that he doesn’t acknowledge his own hand in his child’s upbringing and ultimate demise.
“Your sorrow is for yourself. You cannot relate to us, as we had no doings in the cause of your pain, when you’ve played a part in the cause of our pain,” Deese wrote.
“To the murderers and their family, the appropriate action when mistakes are made is taking responsibility. The proper public response would have been a genuine apology. But we still forgive you and have mercy.”
RCMP said Wednesday that they believe they found the bodies of Kam McLeod, 19, and Bryer Schmegelsky, 18, from Port Alberni, B.C., in dense brush in northern Manitoba following a massive manhunt that lasted close to two weeks.
Police have said they’re waiting for the results of an autopsy before confirming the identities.
The two men were named as suspects in the deaths of Deese and Fowler, and were charged with second-degree murder in the killing of Leonard Dyck, a university lecturer from Vancouver.
Leonard Dyck is seen in March of 2017 in Clover Point Park in Victoria. Patrick Martone/UBC
Alan Schmegelsky told Australia’s “60 Minutes” TV program late last week that he won’t believe his son is a murderer until he gets facts, saying he knows how the families of the victims feel.
“I’m so sorry for what’s happened. Whether it’s my son or whether it’s something else, we don’t know. I have just lost my son. I know exactly how you feel,” Schmegelsky told the program.
“It hurts a lot. He was my only child. I’ll never get to hug him again. I’ll never get to tease him again. I’ll never get to spend a minute with him again.”
“At least I know where he is. His troubles are over.”
When reached via Facebook messenger on Sunday and asked about his response to Deese’s post, Schmegelsky said she could go on “60 Minutes” and that he could arrange it.
“I manned up. I have nothing to hide,” he wrote.
While police were still hunting for the pair, Schmegelsky sent a 132-page book to reporters about his own life. He described it as a novelization of his son’s troubled life and his numerous encounters with police and courts, and said he wanted to highlight how what he called a “broken system” shaped him and Bryer.
Chynna Deese, 24, from Charlotte, N.C., and her boyfriend Lucas Fowler, 23, from Sydney, who were found dead from gunfire July 15, 2019 in northern British Columbia, are seen in undated photos issued by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. (RCMP)
Kennedy Deese shot back that her own family suffered challenges, but doesn’t “play the victim of a broken system.”
“There is no white flag of surrender for my family. We are not defeated by divorce, mental health, violence, poverty and socioeconomic constraints, domestic disputes, alcohol or drugs, social media and bullying, feelings of loneliness, or disparities,” Deese wrote, noting that her sister rose to become the first generation of her immediate family to go to college.
“We have the courage to ask for and offer help. We are strong, and stand strong together right now in the face of all of these adversities that have come upon us.”
RCMP Assistant Commissioner Kevin Hackett told a news conference Wednesday that determining a motive will be “extremely difficult” if the identities are confirmed through autopsies because investigators can’t interview Schmegelsky or McLeod.
He did not commit to providing details of the ongoing investigation.
Retired senior Mountie says answers could still come
Mayor of B.C. town of dead triple murder suspects says it has struggled with the news
FUGITIVES FOUND DEAD: RCMP confirms hunt for B.C. murder suspects over

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