International Rules vs Australia breaks crowd records in Ireland

International Rules, the great game which combines the rules of "Aussie Rules" and Gaelic football, has decided who is better between the Australian Football League and the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) of Ireland since 1998. The 2006 series, fought out this weekend was completely sold out weeks in advance for the first time in its history.

The Dublin crowd of 82,127 at Croke Park in Dublin for the second test is the largest crowd for an international sporting event in the history of the Ireland, eclipsing soccer, rugby union, rugby league !

The previous game at Pearse Stadium in Galway of 35,000 was a capacity crowd.

The event saw Australia take out the series and retain the Cormac McAnallen Cup despite losing to Ireland in the first match.

The games were highly spiteful affairs, but full of fast intense action.

1st Test - Ireland 1.12.6 (4 def. Australia 1.9.7 (40)
2nd Test - Australia 3.15.6 (69) def. Ireland 0.7.10 (31)

Video Highlights of the first test
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Here is a video from the second test in Dublin. =
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Ieclipsing soccer, rugby union, rugby league !

You would struggle to get 100 people to a Rugby League game in that country.