Democrat/Liberal=Sore Looser.............

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That's all...........
That says it all!
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How do you figure?
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How do you figure?

With his shoes off, if the figuring goes past 10.

With his shoes off and his fly undone if he's playing blackjack.
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LOL Soros lost a billion when trump won the selection, and you think this is about playing a game?

I guess that would be the simple version. Like the one they teach little kids in school.

George Soros reportedly lost about $1 billion after Trump's election

When it comes to political commentary some self impotant people just aren't even in the A game at all. You can't tell 'em either 'cause their own hat is already on way too tight.

Just like there are republicans who hate Trump, there are a lot of democrats that hate the lying hate we have been seeing against him too. Only an idgit would lump all them democrats together because HE can't tell them apart.

Democrats Who Support Trump

Registered Democrats who support President Donald Trump told CNN its coverage of the president's administration is a "side show" and that they are glad to see the stock market rise and their retirement savings increase.

But I guess if you are a Democrat (type) hater instead of being a just someone who hates people who disagree with you and happen to be registered as democrats, it's just par for the course.

BTW, it's the central bankers who support no party raising rates because they too hate trump that's triggered the latest market collapse WORLD wide. With all the other countries soros has destroyed financially like Britain and Argentina, one should really have a real eye on the ball, not their whole hand on their d*ck.
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With his shoes off, if the figuring goes past 10.

With his shoes off and his fly undone if he's playing blackjack.

Thanks... good thing I've a strong stomach for that visual. lol

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