Would Canadians support the death penalty if it included an amnesty clause?

If drug smuggling to Canada carried a mandatory death penalty unless the smuggler declares the narcotics at the primary checkpoint before going on to secondary inspection, do you think Canadians could support that?

I get that some people might fear that drug mules are often trafficking victims who've been forced to smuggle the drugs. While that apparently does happen, remember that that person could avoid punishment just by declaring at the primary checkpoint that he might be carrying narcotics in his possession and request amnesty. If he really is a drug mule, then he'd presumably jump at the chance to declare the narcotics in his possession because:

1. he was trafficked into smuggling the narcotics against his will and so would jump at any opportunity to seek aid and assistance from the authorities without fear of punishment.

2. he would not want to take the fall for what someone else forced him into.

3. he would jump at any opportunity to seek justice against his traffickers.

If he does not declare the narcotics in his possession at the primary checkpoint and gets arrested at the secondary checkpoint for narcotics smuggling, he would still enjoy the right to a trial and to be presumed innocent until proved guilty beyond reasonable doubt. We could even add the right to an inquisitorial trial on request for good measure.

That said, he'd now have to explain to the judge why he didn't request amnesty at the primary checkpoint when he had a chance to do so. For example, if he says his trafficker was standing next behind him and he feared that he'd hear, fine, airports are filled with CCTV cameras. It would easy then to identify the person standing behind him in the line up at the primary checkpoint and investigate the truth of his claim.

Given how the state would allow an escape through an amnesty provision in the criminal code, I don't see how capital punishment would be unreasonable should he decline the offer of amnesty, especially given the lives that narcotics smugglers are responsible for ruining.
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