The army

Of the actual meaning of military divided into the United States.

The introduction would be better if the sum of the professional soldiers dropped by soldiers because it would be the excellence of Trump taking this seriously.

Because I'm not happy with today's occupational army but it keeps top levels but not the best amount of US I think might have been because I would prefer to go down the rankings of a large number of professional soldiers down the rankings because then I would keep the United States in war with an active amount of less than half a million is the sum I thought but in the honesty name I thought of a good sum but not strongly regarded the perseverance of what I wanted to present to the people here in the forefront.

But the remaining Washington leader would present the sum that I wanted with America.

But the fact was ready for this to end because I think about the sum of 43,000 of marine corps in Texas only got found out so thought.

But also thought the air force would be zero exist so it would not be included America's military later, the Coast Guard and the Navy went together to form 27,000 sailors since it was better if the Army gave it all at home at 230,000 and no Army troops abroad. Now I came to the sum of 300,000 professional soldiers who are good enough.
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It's a rabble.
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It's a rabble.

Fair for my best seat of America, of course, a refurbishment of gold values.

If I were president of the United States of course.

Trump would do the same.
U.S. Army would lose weight, so they will be more Germany of the whole thing worse, but I'm wearing U.S. army if they go down but keep 900 nuclear weapons since 500 of the backup would go thinking my U.S. Army my imaginary hollowed off from abroad.

Come with the idea last day that only Trump could get rid of.

The United States is a major Germany but two would feel good of descending.
500 big bombs then 400 of reserve.
NATO should use fear and good judgment when thinking of taking on Russia.
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NATO should use fear and good judgment when thinking of taking on Russia.

Throw Poland to them, like a bone.

That'll stop them. Besides, the Poles are used to it.
That might work in a game of checkers.
Asian has now a same Army.
An EU within 19 countries is mine best the EU first for leave are the U.K. then Greece, Austria, Romania, Czech Republic, Malta, Cyprus, Lithuania, Latvia the EU must clear up.
AKA: Rothschild Armed Forces
Best military of mine likely is:

Russia - expectation is war in Ukraine.


The US - downhill by forces.


Germany - big power across the EU.
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Or China

Hot, spicy, sweet and sour, takeaway army.
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Play along with the PLA!

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