Trudeau $ets up a $595 mil $lush fund for journalist$ — but only the one$ he “tru$t$"

government loves money
marginal at best
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You guys aren't wrong.

I'm not a fan of CNN but they do bring home the bacon so that's something. They must have a good marketing team because they are on TV in a lot of countries.

Me personally I'm thinking of paying a yearly subscription at a news site for my news but I'm unsure with who id like to do that with. Everyone is biased in some way and it makes shopping around frustrating.

Try Fox , watch right wing commentators skewer Democrats , change channels and watch left wing commentators skewer Republicans. You will find the truth somewhere in the middle .
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what do you mean?

================================================== ================================================== ====

POOR Johnny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He does not know WHAT HE MEANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Consider his comment that CBC should sell its content!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He does not realize that NOBODY WANTS CBC content!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

United States market for left wing garbage is already well supplied by CNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Cdn content is of no interest to Europeans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As for the Cdn news market- Cdns generlly do NOT LIKE the shameless CBC BIAS in favour of LIE-berals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CBC has been caught out DELIBERATELY MIS-representing so called "fair usage" rules for quoting from political commentary!!!!!!!!!

Yes- our CBC is so bigoted they will deliberately LIE and tell us they cannot show views that dissent from the LIE-beral version!!!!!!!!!

Here is an older article illustrating civil service union Hog greed and just how much support they are prepared to give to LIE-berals in exchange for gravy. With some comments of my own in brackets):

Hubert Lacroix, the president of the CBC, recently placed the future of the Canada’s national public broadcaster on the electoral map with comments aimed at sparking a renewed debate on future funding models. Lacroix disputed claims that low ratings are to blame for the CBC’s financial struggles, instead pointing to the need to consider alternative fee schemes, including new levies on Internet providers or supplementary charges on television purchases.

(So greedy CBC Hogs want to pick the pockets of other businesses in order to salvage their own suddenly shaky place on the LIE-beral gravy train! Why should internet providers be made to pay because their viewers and users have chosen to TURN OFF CBC tv and radio? And considering how widely and rapidly the CBC article mocking the LIE-beral MyDemocracy website as “a box of doughnuts” circulated- it is entirely CLEAR that Cdns will listen to CBC IF it ever finds anything else relevant to say! And that is the trouble- CBC is so busy spouting LIE-beral propaganda that it as NOTHING REAL to say!)

While disagreement over CBC funding is as old as the broadcaster itself, the more uncomfortable discussion for the CBC is its coverage of the 2015 election campaign — particularly its approach to national debates and political party advertising — which raises troubling questions about its relevance in the current media environment.

(Meaning the 2015 federal election that brought Our idiot Boy Justin to power- which featured regular media efforts to smear Conservatives and aid Our idiot Boy and his moronic minons!)

Most would agree that the CBC features an excellent group of reporters and boasts insightful analysts for its panel discussions. However, rather than working to make itself an invaluable resource for the election, the CBC has been unnecessarily restrictive in its broadcasting choices and in the use of its content.

The problem is obvious- CBC DOES NOT WANT informed voters- it wants LIE-beral voters! It jumped on the MyDemocracy website as a one off chance to temporarily show its faux impartiality- about a subject that other media was so scornful of that CBC felt compelled to jump on the band wagon in an effort to cover its own ass!)

The most puzzling decision has been its refusal to broadcast debates hosted by other organizations. The CBC may be disappointed with the debate approach adopted by the political parties in this campaign, but that does not change the sense that if the national public broadcaster does not air programs in the national public interest, it calls into question the very need for a public broadcaster. Indeed, the CBC seems to have cut its nose off to spite its face by doing its best to prove its critics right.

(CBC is being typically Hoggish in refusing to accept debate programing that it did not produce and does not approve of because it does not contain LIE-beral bias! LIE-berals consider suitable debate to be a series of easy questions lobbed gently at them so they can knock it out of the park! Real debate with actually facts is something LIE-berals increasingly SHUN! CBC recognizes- as all Hogs do- that LIE-beral victory- meaning MORE GRAVY- is also a win for CBC- thus CBC DOES NOT WANT any critical examination of LIE-beral policy- for fear of discovering the ROT at its heart!)

The CBC’s odd coverage choices are not limited to the missing debates. Its use of video clips from the debates has also been unnecessarily restrictive. For example, before analyzing the recent Munk debates on the “At Issue” panel, host Peter Mansbridge warned viewers that “we are limited with the excerpts with the amount we are allowed to show.” A similar warning preceded the discussion at other debates.

Yet the reality is that there was no need to be restrictive in the use of video clips. Canadian copyright law permits the use of copyrighted works without permission as part of the fair dealing clause. News reporting is one of the enumerated purposes and even expanded clips would easily qualify under a fair dealing analysis.

(So CBC lied about its policy of deliberately limiting public debate!)

(HEY THERE JAMES BONDO- I DO HOPE YOU HAVE READ AND UNDERSTOOD about using news clips and such AS THIS DOES MAKE YOU LOOK A FOOL!!!!! And it works for print media as well so long as the real author is given full credit as I always DO! And there is a further issue I am careful with- and that is NOT to put words into the mouth of another writer- it is for this reason that I always make it known that my comments are in brackets when I add words to an article!)

All news organizations are free to use as much of the video from debates as necessary to highlight key moments and positions of each leader. To suggest that the law creates significant limits on the ability to show debate clips is inaccurate.

In fact, the CBC’s misreading of the law is not limited to the use of clips within its news broadcasts.

Just prior to the election call, it asked YouTube and Facebook to remove a Conservative campaign advertisement that used clips from a CBC interview with Liberal leader Justin Trudeau. To support its takedown claim, the CBC argued that “no one – no individual candidate or political party, and no government, corporation or NGO – may re-use our creative and copyrighted property without our permission. This includes our brands, our talent and our content.”

That too is wrong.

(OH? MORE CBC/LIE-beral censorship and deliberate mis-representation of law and facts? And it relates to CBC being wrong about its crap on a paying site! Copyright law covering political comment on a FREE/NON profit site like this is even LOOSER! You have made yourself look foolish as usual!)

The law features important limitations on the rights of all copyright holders and all media organizations regularly rely on them in their reporting. The limits of copyright extend to campaign commercials and there is little that the CBC- or anyone else- can do about it.

With its rejection of the national debates, its limited use of debate clips and its attempts to limit re-use of its broadcast content, Canada’s national public broadcaster has marginalized itself during the election campaign at the very time that it could be demonstrating its relevance to the national political coverage.

(Worse- CBC has been caught deliberately trying to stack voter choice! Just as Our idiot Boy is trying to take over and paralyze our parliament with his idiot electoral reform!)

Michael Geist holds the Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce Law at the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law.

(Geist has done us a favour by illustrating the ugly bias that CBC is trying to hide!)
Trudeau and the Liberals are quite the fascists.
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what do you mean?

I just want the news without a spin.

Right now I'm looking at subscribing to the Christian Science Monitor. They have great reviews and from the articles I've read their articles are very well written. Nothing much Canadian about them but they tackle international news decently. Their views on climate change and abortion I ignore but all in all they aren't bad.
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Quote: Originally Posted by Johnnny View Post

I just want the news without a spin.

Right now I'm looking at subscribing to the Christian Science Monitor. They have great reviews and from the articles I've read their articles are very well written. Nothing much Canadian about them but they tackle international news decently. Their views on climate change and abortion I ignore but all in all they aren't bad.

I used to read the Christian Science Monitor. I found it surprisingly well-balanced despite its name.
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marginal at best

================================================== ================================================== ====


Oh Bondo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your sense of morality is thoroughly LIE-beral!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And thus utterly POISONED AND WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is it not wildly funny that our Cdn media makes such a disgusting pretense of being even handed in its reporting of political matters?

For instance, on Aug 10/2018 I waa watching Global news reporting on the job news for July and crowing that Cdn unemployment has reached a 40 year low!!!!!

But before we break out the Champagne- we should understand these are LIE-beral numbers and our media does not wish to rain on the LIE-beral parade by speaking truth and logic!!!

So what our good news amounts to is that 28,000 people LOST their decent full time jobs that they could more or less live on and pay their bills and etc- and all those jobs were replaced by 82,000 PART TIME jobs that people CANNOT live on or pay their bills with etc!!!! And the editorial writers at Global News think this is good news?

LIE-berals and their blinkered supporters do not seem to care how many Cdns are now unable to honestly support themselves! They do not care how many people have been forced into retirement whether they can afford it or not- and 56 is rather young to be judged as disposable in our society! Too many people are living on inadequate fixed incomes through no fault of their own or living beyond their savings and it is these desperate people who are leading the charge against LIE-beral electricity price gouging and the carbon crap and trade scam!

And it is these same people who are shunning LIE-beral friendly news media because of the two faced hypocritical coverage being provided!!!!!!!!!!!!

LIE-berals lament the death of newspapers- without bothering to admit that it is the barrage of LIE-beral Fake News in main stream media that is compelling people to seek information from alternative sources!!!!!!!!!!!
csm is a the gold standard
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Btw you get a tax credit. Maybe you sgould decline it in order to prove your independence

Oh Hoid, you make it too easy sometimes. I guess you need me to explain the difference between an individual's tax credits and a bail-out. A tax credit for an individual is a fraction of they taxes back that they paid throughout the year. You are in fact, getting some of YOUR money back. A bail-out is when the govt takes a bunch of yours, mine and everyone else's money and it loans/gives it to a sole entity or industry.

And uh, just because your loyalty can be bought for a few hundred bucks a year doesn't mean mine can be. Don't be projecting your faults and weaknesses onto me.
Because industries don't pay taxes
If the state must fund media, why not just give media vouchers that people could then use to subscribe to the participating media of his choice?
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Quote: Originally Posted by Hoid View Post

Because industries don't pay taxes

Still confused about the difference between a tax credit and a bail-out I see. When you get your HST/PTC after filing your taxes, do you call it a bail-out? Did the govt bail you out of a tough spot? So I guess the $3.7 billion outstanding debt from the GM and Chrysler bail-outs that the Liberals forgave in June was also just a tax credit?

Oh that's right. When Conservatives bail-out a business or industry it's nothing but corporate cronyism. When Liberals bail out a business or industry AND forgive the loans, well that's just a tax credit but "it benefits everyone". Especially when that industry is the predominantly left-leaning media who of course will remain entirely independent because the Libtards said they will.
Just another example of ALT-leftard policy making; "I believe, therefore it will happen".

In the meantime just for fun, let's see how long it takes the Libtards to forgive this bail-out.
Bought and paid for are the best one to have hanging around.
Three important issues the CBC and US media have got wrong:
The Magnitsky Act: Canada has its own version of this act – based on Browder’s false arguments all mainstream political parties in Canada supported this act which has been described as having “kickstarted” the new cold war. The documentary film that Browder produced to boost his case provides the clearest evidence of the false nature of his narrative; the filmmaker (Andrei Nekrasov, an anti-Putin activist) expected to tell Browder’s story but quickly realised his argument was fake not fact – Magnitsky was not a lawyer (no law degree, never called to the bar) as claimed but an accomplice in Browder’s money raking, tax avoiding schemes. Nekrasov concluded that the most accurate account of the Magnitky/Browder saga was that told by Russian authorities. The late Robert Parry has reviewed this case it also includes a contact to the contents of the documentary film).
Philip Giraldi has asked if Browder is the most dangerous man in the world and has reviewed the complete argument. ( Russia has of course been sanctioned by both the US and Canada – the CBC continues to treat Browder as an honest celebrity but never invites a critic to comment on his false accusations.
Also see Diana Johnstone:
Obama’s speech in Brussels to NATO in 2014: This speech outlines Obama and US policy towards Russia particularly in relation to Ukraine. The most striking false claim was made by Obama to attack the referendum that the Crimea authorities held to ask its people if they wanted to re-connect to Russia. They did overwhelmingly, (more than 90% -- allowing for votes against and treating all non-voters as “no” it was still over 80%) and the Duma and Putin consented.
Obama claimed this was not comparable with the UN sanctioned referendum NATO held supporting Kosovo independence. The major problem with this claim was that there was no Kosovo referendum – this was a barefaced lie; such a vote never took place:
“And Kosovo only left Serbia after a referendum was organized not outside the boundaries of international law, but in careful cooperation with the United Nations and with Kosovo’s neighbors.” (Obama claim March 26 Washington post report 2014.
He also went on to claim the US invasion of Iraq (which he had opposed) was however within the bounds of international law: “But even in Iraq, America sought to work within the international system” – see references above for links.
(For a more informed view of actual events and sequencing in Kosovo and Serbia see “How America gets away with Murder: Illegal wars, collateral damage and crimes against humanity” by Canadian, Michael Mandel [he spearheaded the international effort to have NATO leaders prosecuted for crimes against humanity committed during the Kosovo war]. And Diana Johnstone “Fools crusade: Yugoslavia, NATO and western Delusions”. A link to another false claim by Obama that NATO bombing was justified as it prevented and punished mass killings in Kosovo is
Other false claims were made in the speech – the major snipers at the Maidan were not state gunmen as claimed at the time and implied in his speech but Maidan snipers firing from buildings controlled by Maidan protesters
Obama’s argument that no ethnic Russians had been assaulted in Ukraine is belied by the video evidence of thuggery and murder, particularly the “January 2014 Odessa massacre” which was completely ignored as an act of extreme violence committed by Maidan supporters – more than 46 anti-Maidan supporters were burned to death, with those jumping out of windows to avoid the fire being videoed as they were kicked and beaten by Maidan activists.
When Senator McCain argued for more precise weapons for Ukraine he stated that would mean they would no longer need to “indiscriminately bomb and shell” the population of Donbass (mainly ethnic Russians).
The Russian argument that the West was supporting Fascists and neo-Nazis operating within the Ukrainian government was dismissed by Obama – but now even main-stream media has begun to recognise their existence. (
And there is new evidence that the US is training neo-Nazis including some White-supremacist US volunteers.
No mention was made by the President of US policy in Ukraine – the role played by Victoria Nuland, his special envoy in funding ($5bn)
and “midwife” (her phrase) to the uprising. All attempts at Russian diplomacy (yes Obama there was Russian diplomacy aimed at ending the conflict; none from the US) – “Minsk 1” and “Minsk 2” – was effectively countered by Western military aid and a complete failure of countries, such as Canada and the US, to school the coup government of Poroshenko on how to implement and manage a “federal” democracy which includes considerable powers to Provinces or States. Nor was there any mention by Obama of US military advisors who were inside Ukraine.
Obama argued that the government of Yanukovych was corrupt and that justified throwing him out – but one of the first acts of the Maidan coup government was to release Tymoshenko from jail – she had been found guilty of corruption, and interestingly has since stated that the current president, Poroshenko, is even more corrupt than Yanukovych. Irvin Studin a student of Ukrainian affairs had written in 2013, prior to the Maidan uprising: While Yanukovych was inept “Yushchenko was even more inept, while Tymoshenko – a darling reborn – was arguably more corrupt” reproduced in
Remember the West had sponsored both Yushenko and Tymoshenko, so this issue was not just about corruption or competence and given Poroshenko was an Oligarch not about that either. Obama’s own failure to stem corruption and waste was illustrated in Iraq as Peter van Buren documents “We Meant Well: How I Helped Lose the Battle for the Hearts and Minds of the Iraqi People (American Empire Project).”
So based on this false analysis and fake claims (constantly repeated by main-stream media including the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) the West embarked on yet more sanctions against Russia and the CBC were the exact same as the US broadcasters – cheerleaders, not journalists, not asking questions and interrogating the evidence, or even allowing listeners to hear alternative arguments presented by informed critics.
I'm going to speculate that the controversial hoodie with the caption 'Come out West Trudeau' was crafted in the east. Rather than the dead tree and accessories somebody from the real west would have had this pic instead.

Quote: Originally Posted by MHz View Post

I'm going to speculate that the controversial hoodie with the caption 'Come out West Trudeau' was crafted in the east. Rather than the dead tree and accessories somebody from the real west would have had this pic instead.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +

Here is an article to remind us of what LIE-berals consider to be a "free press"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The article reminds us that LIE-berals are doubling down on censorship of any view they do not approve of!!!!!!!!!

LIE-berals truly believe they are ENTITLED to censor anybody they do not agree with and this offer of cash to "media that they trust" is the most blatant attack on free speech ever seen in Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On this one issue alone- LIE-berals have shown they are unfit to rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then we can add in their deficits and insane spending,

their racist treatment of white people defending themselves from drunken native thieves,

their endless LIES about balanced budgets,

and more lies about the true number of illegals,

more lies about the COST OF THE illegals,

more lies about how many will ever actually be deported,

more lies about guns and gangs and crime,

more lies about drugs and open borders,

more lies about how much criminal cash is laundered in Canada.

and we end up with a LIE-beral govt that is a record breaking NATIONAL DISGRACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LIE-berals are apparently willing to tell any lies just so long as they can cling to power at any price!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is an article illustrating how distressed LIE-berals are becoming that all their policies are being exposed as costly failures at best and as draconian dictatorship via govt mandated mind control at worst! With some comments of my own in brackets):

Liberals double down on threats to regulate social media.

By Anthony Furey. Published: February 27, 2018. Updated: February 27, 2018 7:27 AM EST

Filed Under: Toronto SUN/ Opinion/ Columnists/

The Trudeau Liberals are getting serious about their plans to regulate companies like Facebook and appear to be in the early stages of an action plan.

While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reportedly brought up the issue recently in person to Facebook Chief Operating Office Sheryl Sandberg, the actual work would fall to Minister of Democratic Institutions Karina Gould.

(LIE-berals have created a Ministry of Democratic Institutions? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Clearly LIE-berals have read George Orwell and think his idea of a Ministry of Truth dedicated to telling LIES is useful!!! How else to explain the Ministry of Democracy- created even as LIE-berals try to KILL our democracy! LIE-berals want to limit our free speech so we cannot easily criticise their idiot policies! And LIE-berals want to paralyse our parliament by using electoral reform to ensure that no single ever regains control of the out of control govt spending machine LIE-berals are creating! If you think that having 65 govts in 67 years is a nice idea- with absolutely NO long term planning and an economy run by organized crime- in the chaotic Italian style then you will LOVE LIE-beral electoral reform! More than 20 years ago National Geographic Magazine told us that over 80 percent of Italian economy operates completely out of reach of govt regulation! No wonder |Italy is stony broke!)

“Minister Gould has repeatedly stated that while social media companies are taking initial steps to ensure that their platforms are not being used as tools for foreign disinformation campaigns to undermine Canada’s democratic institutions, there still remains a great deal of work to be done,” wrote Nicky Cayer, spokesperson for Gould, in an email to the Sun. “This is a challenge that is being faced by democracies around the world. We are studying other countries’ approaches to see what works and what does not, what would be appropriate in a Canadian context and what — like censoring Canadians’ speech — would be unacceptable.”

(Sadly, LIE-berals have proven themselves only too happy to censor Cdn opinions they do not like- while ignoring foreign influences they do like! Their Human Rights but too often Wrong Kangaroo Courts are busy bullying Cdns for holding anti LIE-beral opinions! One has only to look at the Mississauga man arrested last summer on hate crime charges because he dared to offer money to any person who could provide him with verifiable proof of hate speech taking place in Cdn mosques! Yes- under our LIE-beral mind control police it is illegal to ask for proof of radical views and opinions that LIE-berals choose not to discuss! Even worse- at the same time- our Nazi style bully boy LIE-berals IGNORED two Cdn reporters who reported in main stream media that there was NO moderate writing on any Cdn based Muslim web site- yes- the reporters insist that even in Canada Muslim moderates are being shouted down by radicals- while our LIE-beral overlords legally harass people seeking proof of the existence of Islamic radicals in Canada!)

While hand-wringing over the term ‘fake news’ became all the rage following the 2016 U.S. presidential election of Donald Trump, there are no major examples of any jurisdiction actually regulating against ‘foreign disinformation campaigns’ for the Liberals to learn from.

French President Emmanuel Macron recently pledged to ban ‘fake news’ during election campaigns, but failed to offer policy specifics. Policymakers’ concerns over the phenomenon aren’t isolated to the West, ranging as far as the Philippines.

(LIE-berals know we don’t like being lied to-but they do it anyway! Letting LIE-berals regulate news is like letting an alcoholic guard the liquor store!)

The most recent examples of regulating or restricting social media tend to involve tackling some version of hate speech, granting tools for users to report what they consider offensive posts. The European Union got tech firms to agree in 2016 to responding to online hate complaints within 24 hours, although studies have shown they’ve had trouble keeping pace.

(Such an approach is doomed to fail- one way or another. For instance- LIE-berals feed us a steady diet of Fake News- anything from reports of our “booming economy” to self promotion of smart meters and “bargain” auto insurance rates- and yet in each case we see that LIE-berals are NOT telling the truth! Smart meters have NOT saved us money as they have enabled LIE-berals to be more selective about charging premium rates for power. LIE-berals tell us the economy is booming and yet cannot explain why there is that 30 percent jump in use of homeless shelters in Toronto- nor can they tell us why debt in Canada is rising to such dangerous levels if we are so flush with new cash! Nor can they explain why it is that health care must be rationed in “booming” Ontari-owe! LIE-berals have also told us their 2017 budget was balanced and our auditor general says that is Fake News that was engineered with accounting methods never taught in any respectable school of business! LIE-berals also told us that their 2018 and 2019 budgets were HALF of what the auditor claimed and LIE-berals would very much prefer to SILENCE the auditor rather than be honest about their cooked books! And we know that LIE-berals consider it hate crime to have people contradict them so laughing at their FAKE economic news IS defined as hate by them- against them!)

The Liberals haven’t offered up any working definition of what ‘foreign disinformation’ means to them. Despite that, they apparently still see some urgency to the situation, with Gould telling CBC last week that their plan may commence as early as six months from now.

(A couple of years back there were alleged to be a series of sex assaults by Muslims in Germany and Sweden around the new years eve- with the assaults alleged to have been carried out by Muslim immigrants and refugees- would our LIE-berals consider it to be foreign disinformation if Europeans reported that the rapes WERE committed by Muslims? LIE-berals have displayed a disturbing tendency to shoot the messenger bearing unhappy news- and then destroying the messages- unread- for the good of LIE-berals!)

“Are we going to see something more robust in the next six months?” she said of self-policing by social media giants. “If we don’t see something more robust in the next six months, then we need to take action.”

(LIE-beral willingness to compromise long established rules of law- in exchange for short term show boating intended to buy votes is on display as LIE-berals have tabled legislation that will limit the ability of lawyers to challenge the jury selection process! It is the usual ill considered LIE-beral deal- they do not like the Coulton Boushie jury verdict and so they will destroy the jury selection process that has been in place for hundreds of years- and replace it with BIGOTRY!)

(LIE-berals would disapprove of a Ku Klux Klan racist sitting in judgement on a black man! Yet LIE-berals se nothing wrong with forcing lawyers to accept a jury loaded with native bigots sitting in judgement on a white man accused of defending himself from a native thief! LIE-berals consider us all to be systemic racists because 80 percent of Cdns condemn LIE-beral immigration policy and want illegals and Muslim terrorists deported- yet LIE-berals are quite happy to defy our will in this- democracy and justice are on a ONE WAY STREET for LIE-berals- its all for them as they DICTATE what is fair- TO THEM!)

Meanwhile, legislation put forward by Conservative Senator Linda Frum designed to tackle foreign funding to registered third-parties during election season has been languishing for nine months due to inaction on the part of Liberal-appointed Senators.

(In one example of foreign funding, the David Suzuki Foundation has openly admitted to accepting millions of dollars from Yankee “super pac” political organizations in exchange for Suzuki support against Alberta tar sands! If Yankees are so troubled by tar sand oil extraction then why do they not attack the California La Brea tar sand operation in their own country? Is it because they simply want to shut down Alberta so that La Brea oil becomes more valuable when the market shortage hits? And should we not ask the same thing of Yankees giving funds to Cdn environmental groups that want to block pipelines and halt logging operations in Canada- while that same business flourishes in United States? How much funding are Cdn lobbyists getting from foreigners to promote economic activities that will harm Canada- WITHOUT having any effect on the environment? LIE-berals say its none of our concern! Halting production in Canada and shifting it and expanding it in other jurisdictions will do NOTHING for the environment! But foreign investors WILL benefit from closing Cdn business! And LIE-berals will expand the number of Cdns who must live off LIE-beral charity! LIE-berals prefer it if we are weak and dependent on their crumbs since it makes us easier to buy and control!)

It’s unclear when Gould will commence next steps and what form those steps will take.

(Yes- LIE-berals must be very careful as they move forward with their selfish and racist dictatorship! They do not want to be caught out blatantly promoting their own version of Hate and Bigotry! Too many Cdns are already angry with LIE-berals over their MANY failed policies- LIE-berals are having their hands tied by angry public opinion that is turning against them on all fronts!)
Free Thinker
Google Manipulation shifted 800,000 to 4.6 million votes in 2018 Election

Jim Hoft for the Gateway Pundit reports, Research psychologist Robert Epstein joined Tucker Carlson on Thursday night. In a previous appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight Epstein revealed that Google can take a 50-50 split among undecided voters and change it into a 90-10 split with no one knowing they had been manipulated and without leaving a paper trail…

See the report here:

Read More/Source/Credit/FairUse:

We are gonna get screwed.
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lol 800,00 to 4.6 million.
Quote: Originally Posted by Danbones View Post

Google Manipulation shifted 800,000 to 4.6 million votes in 2018 Election

Jim Hoft for the Gateway Pundit reports, Research psychologist Robert Epstein joined Tucker Carlson on Thursday night. In a previous appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight Epstein revealed that Google can take a 50-50 split among undecided voters and change it into a 90-10 split with no one knowing they had been manipulated and without leaving a paper trail…

See the report here:

Read More/Source/Credit/FairUse:

We are gonna get screwed.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GOOGLE stock holders are now DELIGHTED by the CLAIMED value an effectiveness of their PROPAGANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If it were that easy then Wynne-bag LIE-berals would still be running Ontari-owe into the ground!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And it would be Whitewater criminal SUSPECT Hillary Clinton in the White House!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LIE-berals went ALL out to destroy Patrick Brown but he continues in politics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!

LIE-berals went all out to destroy Doug Ford- and HE LEADS Ontari-owe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LIE-berals ARE GOING ALL OUT to promote the Sunny Ways of Our idiot Boy and yet things are looking VERY CLOUDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What can google say or do that will make us forget our impending national bankruptcy -in the mad Greek style?????????????????

Here is an article illustrating just how unstable our economy has become under LIE-beral stewardship! With some comments of my own in brackets):

Canadian households owe $2 trillion

Canadian Press. By Andy Blatchford. May 2/2018

OTTAWA - Bank of Canada governor Stephen Poloz says Canadians have amassed a $2-trillion mountain of household debt that is now casting a big shadow over the timing of his next interest rate hike.

(And as our massive personal and public debts grow ever larger- we move ever closer to the debt wall that will FORCE major changes in spending onto our LIE-beral govt! And NDPers are regarded as even more wasteful than LIE-berals by the banking world!)

In a speech Tuesday in Yellowknife, Poloz said the pile has been growing for three decades in both absolute terms and when compared to the size of the economy — and about $1.5 trillion of it currently consists of mortgage debt.

(So the pile of debt has been growing FASTER than inflation and is also growing faster than our population! This growing debt is a CLEAR SIGN of an economy under massive tax pressure motivated by LIE-beral need to BUY votes at any price so they can cling to power! And with LIE-berals utterly unwilling to bother tracking how many foreigners are laundering dirty money through our housing sector- which drives up prices for ordinary people!)

The central bank has concerns about the ability of households to keep paying down their high levels of debt when interest rates continue their rise, as is widely expected over the coming months.

(Our civil service union Hogs are as vulnerable as the private sector since govt pays the Hogs directly and thus a desperate govt that has hit the debt wall can easily reduce their pay if compelled. Govt is ALREADY under pressure to rein in the constant raises in pay and the economy crippling madness of those solid gold Hog pensions! Too many Hogs have life styles that require regular increases in gravy to be sustainable and govt is running out of gravy!)

Poloz has introduced three rate hikes since last July following an impressive economic run for Canada that began in late 2016.

(Canada has had the best economic performance of the G-7 nations- which is to say we are simply the LEAST bankrupt of the G-7 fiscal basket cases! As finance Minister Poloz notes in his double speak- our “booming economy” is sinking rapidly into unprecedented massive debt- even after inflation is factored out! Even worse we face the debilitating medical costs of caring for a rapidly aging population- and LIE-beral solutions to that do not bear thinking about! LIE-berals are LYING in technicolour about the true condition of our economy! But then- if they told the real truth people would PANIC!)

(One has only to read of the Ontari-owe man suffering from inoperable cancer- the guy that that his hospital staff want to dump out of his bed and send home! The guy can no longer walk or even feed himself and needs aid 24/7 and is not dying quickly enough to suit hospital bean counters! The guy has a litany of complaints about the home care staff he was previously supplied with- things like food poisoning from badly handled and prepared meals; being DROPPED during transfers to toilet and bath tub; absent minded care givers falling asleep and leaving stove burners on with attendant fire risk! He does not feel safe in his own home with the kind of care Ontari-owe LIE-berals provide and he insists on staying at the hospital where he feels safe - and the LIE-beral “solution” is to tell him he MUST ACCEPT assisted suicide if he refuses to go home and choses to remain in the hospital in his last days!)

(Our infrastructure is collapsing from decades of neglect faster than LIE-beral policy! And we cannot expand our public transit since ALL our money is promised by LIE-berals to civil service union Hogs and the swarming tens of thousands of illegals that LIE-berals are rounding up and collecting like so many stray cats!)

But the central bank stuck with its benchmark rate of 1.25 per cent last month as it continued its careful process of determining the best juncture for its next hike.

(Bank governor Poloz is nothing but a fiscal janitor- monitoring the Cdn bank while waiting for LIE-berals to be deposed in favour of another govt that will take real action to resolve our serious debt problems!)

In prepared remarks of his address to the Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce, Poloz said the volume of what Canadians owe is an important vulnerability for individuals and the entire economy. He added that it's one of the key reasons why the bank has been taking a cautious approach to raising its trend-setting rate.

(Yes- LIE-beral govt has worked itself very deftly into an impossible corner! In the recent Ontari-owe election- civil service Hogs deserted the Wynne-bag LIE-berals in favour of NDP who they think might give them the new gravy they feel ENTITLED to- this is govt by greed- with no logic or sense of responsibility! And recent Ontari-owe NDP candidate Vaz-Oxlade has suggested that govt debt is NOT like private debt and is thus NOT A PROBLEM! God help us if NDPers ever get any real power in this country!)

"This debt still poses risks to the economy and financial stability, and its sheer size means that its risks will be with us for some time," Poloz said.

(This is the Poloz way of delicately telling us that LIE-beral vote buying of Hogs and illegals is TOO COSTLY to be allowed to go on!)

"But there is good reason to think that we can continue to manage these risks successfully. The economic progress we have seen makes us more confident that higher interest rates will be warranted over time, although some monetary policy accommodation will still be needed."

(The quickest way to handle the debt is by getting new revenue which WILL require the building of Kinder Morgan and Energy East pipelines! The first will bring in cash from China and the second will stop the outflow of Cdn cash to Venezuela thus reducing our trade deficits! Cutting off Cdn cash to Venezuelan socialists will ensure they have LESS resources available to pay secret police and to bully their population! A new natural gas pipeline to help Cdn gas get to Asian markets will also help bring in new cash- but LIE-berals have already told us they want to phase out all fossil fuel use- even though there is no practical alternative energy source at this time! LIE-berals do not care that China WANTS to replace coal fired electricity plants with cleaner burning natural gas fueled generators!)

(LIE-berals have already made a staggering mess of the mouldy green energy system in Ontari-owe! And the City of Toronto is on its THIRD contract- desperately seeking low emission busses that MIGHT actually deliver both mechanical reliability and the promised fuel savings! The two previous low emission bus contracts have been costly failures! The nicest thing that can be said of the latest Toronto bus purchase is they are moving much more cautiously- the burned hand teaches best but the DORKS are still playing with mouldy green powered fire! Toronto- and the entire country would be better off if LIE-berals got OUT ENTIRELY of the electric TOY vehicle business!)

Poloz said debt is a natural consequence of several factors, including the combination of a strong demand for housing and the prolonged period of low interest rates maintained in recent years to stimulate the economy.

(To bad the LIE-beral does not discuss the economy crushing GREED of civil service Hogs! LIE-berals have issued IOU`s to the Hogs totalling hundreds of billions of dollars- and Hogs are DEMANDING that money even if it wrecks our economy- we are at war with our civil service and with the illegals swarming across our borders for possession of the little money remaining in our economy!)

The governor also provided detail on issues the bank is examining as it considers the timing of its next rate increase.

If it raises rates too quickly, the bank risks choking off economic growth, falling short of its ideal inflation target of two per cent and could lead to the type of financial stability risk it's trying to avoid, he said.

(For a number of years now- economic growth has been BELOW the rate of population growth- meaning we are being squeezed financially with a reduced standard of living! This is especially bad for the older generation that has been pushed out of the work force into retirement whether they can afford to fund it or not- those ultra low LIE- beral interest rates are also hitting at rates of return on investments- too many people live on FIXED incomes in a climate of soaring costs for govt services such as electricity and water- along with the crippling effects of food cost inflation driven by the LIE-beral carbon crap and trade tax! Too many elderly Cdns are being forced to make ugly fiscal choices between food, rent, heat and medical prescriptions!)

(This carbon crap policy is also hard on the young as they struggle to get set up financially while carrying massive school debt driven by greedy Hog educators and while struggling to find an affordable place to live! The latest numbers say it takes 9 years to pay off the average student debt- no wonder so many kids end up back in parents basement!)

But if the governing council lifts the rate too slowly, Poloz said it could intensify inflationary pressures to the point it overshoots the bank's bull's-eye. Poloz added that moving too gradually could also entice Canadians to add even more debt and further boost vulnerabilities.

(LIE-berals are quietly refusing to look at the cost and consequences of their pension promises to Hogs! OSSTF- our Ontari-owe high school teachers have been promised fifty five billion dollars - with 18 more unions right behind OSSTF and all with their own economy crippling LIE-beral offered IOU`s! We cannot pay Hogs what they believe they are entitled too- there simply is not enough money in Canada to do so! This is the face of Cdn bankruptcy!)
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Do you ever get the feeling that you're just way stupider than average?

Nope, but I always get the feeling you are.
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Because industries don't pay taxes

POOR STUPID HOID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!

He does not understand the difference between a tax credit and a bail out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I had a construction job- I made LOTS of money in summer and LITTLE in winter- and each spring I filled out my T-4 and AVERAGED out my taxes - and the way taxes were deducted in summer meant I HAD OVER PAID on the taxes owing for the year!!!!!!!!!!!!

And so I GOT BACK The TAX CREDIT that is nothing more than OVER PAYMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!

A tax grant IS A GIFT FROM LIE-BERALS TO THEIR PALS - AT OUR EXPENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

POOR STUPID HOID is spinning in LIE-beral mandated CIRCLES with his Fake News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LIE-berals offer up all sorts of tax grants and GIFTS to companies that will come here and hire Cdns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But then LIE-berals NEED MORE GRAVY to BUY VOTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!

So now they NEED TO TAX BACK the grants and GIFTS so they can buy votes and cling to power at any price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess Hoid has not seen those UNIFOR auto union commercials that point out that General Motors got $11 billion dollars in bail out money from govt- AT LIE-beral INSISTENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!

LIE-berals railed at Harper govt FOR BEING STINGY and not going deeper into debt to "save the Cdn auto industry"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And after getting elected LIE-berals went on to whine that it is the fault of HARPER that their 2016 deficit was $32 billion dollars!!!!!!!!!!!

And yet in 2018 - LIE-berals quietly WROTE OFF $2.8 billion dollars in auto maker loans that were judged "un-collectable"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LIE-berals liars are spinning in circles like turds in a flushed toilet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They want to save jobs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They want to BUY JOBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They want to TAX corporations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They want to save corporations with govt grants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!

LIE-beral policy ONLY APPEALS TO GOOFS WHO ARE getting paid by LIE-BERALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But MOST OF ALL - LIE-berals want to HIDE who is winning and who is LOSING as a result of their wildly swinging weather vane policy changes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So we know where Hoid stands in all this fresh, ripe, steaming, straight from the back of the Bull, organic LIE-beral produced ferttilizer!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hoid is in the LIE-beral SH+T up to his neck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!

And he is trying hard to persuade us that being buried in LIE-beral SH+T is a good thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!