BREAKING: Ontario PC Leader Slammed With Sexual Misconduct Allegations

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Lisa MacLeod advocates for mental-health in wake of Patrick Brown book
Canadian Press
November 15, 2018
November 15, 2018 1:17 PM EST
PC MPP Lisa MacLeod, left, and Patrick Brown (Postmedia files)
Ontario cabinet minister Lisa MacLeod says she wants to ensure anyone who discloses their mental-health struggles isn’t ridiculed, undermined or made fun of.
She made the comments at the legislature after former Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown wrote about her mental health issues in his new tell-all book.
Brown alleged that some party organizers believed MacLeod made up her mental health issues in order to garner public support.
Brown’s sexual misconduct allegations against Fedeli ‘smear campaign’: Ford
MacLeod, who has long been public about her mental health struggles, called Brown’s comments disgusting and cruel.
She says mental health is not a laughing matter and added that she wanted to encourage anyone seeking support to get the help they need.
Brown says today that his team supported MacLeod when she faced mental health challenges despite internal opposition.

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Is it not truly AMUSING?????????????????????

LIE-berals want to argue about Mcleod and her mental status WHILE IGNORING ANY QUESTIONS about the sanity of Our idiot Boy Justin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is an article illustrating some SERIOUS QUESTIONS regarding the sanity and the morals of Our idiot Boy Justin. With some comments of my own in brackets):

EDITORIAL: We're owed answers on Trudeau's Boyle meeting

Special to Toronto Sun. Published: January 5, 2018. Updated: January 5, 2018 5:27 PM EST

Filed Under: Toronto SUN/ Opinion/ Editorials

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appears with members of the Boyle family on Parliament Hill in Ottawa in pictures posted Dec. 19, 2017 to a Twitter account attributed to the family of released Afghan hostage Joshua Boyle. (Twitter/The Boyle Family)

Canadians deserve to know more about why Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with returned captive Joshua Boyle and his family and what was discussed during that meeting.

For a PM who preached transparency before being elected, his office has been less than forthcoming about a controversial meeting with Boyle.

Here’s what we know: Late last month Boyle, via a family twitter account, posted photos of his family’s sit-down with Trudeau. When contacted by media, the PMO confirmed the meeting took place but refused to discuss details citing privacy considerations.

Sorry, we’re not buying it. This isn’t about protecting privacy, not given the questions surrounding Boyle and fact he tweeted photos from the meeting himself.

When the PM has a hush-hush meeting with someone previously married to Omar Khadr’s sister, who then travelled to Afghanistan under questionable circumstances, it’s reasonable to ask why our PM would meet with them and what was discussed.

(Face it- the sanity and values of Our idiot Boy Justin are already under serious doubt! His choice to give $10.5 million dollars to terror poster boy Omar Khadr has seriously damaged LIE-beral credibility! That LIE-berals would then go ahead and hand out ANOTHER $37 million dollars to 3 other Muslims detained in the aftermath of 9/11- BEFORE the Khadr Krap fallout had ceased is further display of either madness or utter contempt for main stream Canada! The LIE-beral choice to welcome home returning Isis fighters so they “can be a powerful voice in Canada” is also worrying! The LIE-beral choice not to deport convicted terrorists is even more disturbing! The Boyle business just throws gasoline on the public bonfire of very QUESTIONABLE LIE-beral values!)

As a Sun exclusive revealed this week, Boyle emailed Candice Malcolm following his release claiming he’d been offered a position in the Taliban-linked group that held him captive. He criticized his captors for not being, in his view, authentically Muslim enough.

(Boyle- the NUTBAR former Mennonite who went on tour in Taliban held Afghanistan- with his pregnant wife- wants to be critical of the level of radical Muslim devotion? HAHAHA!!!!! And he wants to discuss it with Candace Malcolm who writes so often about the political and military menace offered by radical Islam? More HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!)

Did the Prime Minister’s office and vast security apparatus surrounding him not know this? Did they know but decided questions about Boyle’s murky past were irrelevant?

And if so, what was the point of meeting?

(Yeah- great question!!!! Is Cdn security so bad they did not know anything about Boyle? Or is Our idiot Boy so far out there in left field intellectually that he over rode security concerns to meet with Boyle? Boyle tells us he and Our idiot Boy are old pals who have met before- which means more gasoline on the political fire!!!)

As security expert Scott Newark told Anthony Furey, we ought to know whether Trudeau discussed a financial pay-out to Boyle, similar to the one received by his ex-relative Khadr, for Canada not securing his release.

(Our idiot Boy has been very clearly dismayed at the public opposition to giving Khadr ANYTHING!!!! Even long time members of LIE-beral party are dismayed- though its hard to say whether they are opposed simply because of negative public reaction and potentially lost votes- or if some LIE- berals actually think the pay out was morally wrong!)

Meanwhile, compounding questions about Boyle and the meeting is the troubling news that he now faces 15 criminal charges ranging from assault and sexual assault to misleading police, though none have been tested in court.

(Our idiot Boy- the feminist star of the Kokanee Grope scandal has some very ODD events in his life- before entering politics!)

The alleged crimes occurred during a timespan than included his PMO visit. Did the PMO’s office know about those charges?

(Again we must ask questions about the quality of Cdn security! Or maybe we should ask if Boyle black mailed Our idiot Boy into meeting with him- as in “meet with me or I will go public with the details of our so called friendship”!)

Bottom line, the collective stink surrounding Boyle’s motives and behaviour ought to have given Trudeau, or someone in his office, serious pause for concern.

That it didn’t, and we’re offered nothing but silence by way of explanation, provides yet another example of the growing lack of judgment from our PM.

(Our idiot Boy is just like his father- they both think that their bullsh+t and a big helping of bribery will keep them in power! Too bad the gravy has run out and the problems re things like crime, national security and illegal immigration are piling up! And Our idiot Boy is making himself look like a nut job with his fawning praise for radical Muslims and returning Isis fighters! But then what else should we expect from a goof whose father Pierre publicly praised Chinese Chairman Mao for “his genius in rushing 30 million Chinese to the gallows” during the Great Leap Forward! A kid like Justin is quite likely to absorb some very weird values from a father who praises state mass murder in such fashion as Pierre did!)
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