Brief about Big Bang and Evolution

Brief about Big Bang and Evolution
1 - Shakespeare needed about two years (1599 - 1601) to write ''Hamlet''
2 - Monkey needs unlimited (infinite) time to type "Hamlet''
1 - If Monkey needs unlimited (infinite) time to write
"Hamlet'', then the Big-Bang theory is wrong.
2 - If Big-Bang theory is correct, then theory of Evolution
needs concept of ''Consciousness'' to be true theory.
(not only Darwin's selection theory)
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One primate needs infinite time to write Hamlet,
but other primate was enough wise to complete Hamlet
in 13.8 billion years and it is possible to do if evolution
of consciousness take part in this process.
Matter, energy and information /consciousness
are necessary components to create evolution of Life.
The probability of creating Hamlet randomly by any means the
material Universe has at it's disposal in 13.8 billion years is 0.
Scientists fixed the moment that passed from cosmic
''singularity'' to our modern human state (13.8 billion years)
According to the theory of probability this time is not
enough to create homo sapiens. ( Infinite monkey theorem.
''However, the probability that monkeys filling the observable universe
would type a complete work such as Shakespeare's Hamlet is so tiny
that the chance of it occurring during a period of time hundreds
of thousands of orders of magnitude longer than the age
of the universe is extremely low (but technically not zero). ''
There are two possibility:
1 - or . . . the big-bang theory is wrong,
2 - or . . . biological concept of undirected evolution
(unpredictable random mutations) is wrong.

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