Quantitative Strategies Courses:

A few months ago I participated in a quantitative strategies course with the master of trading Fernando Martínez Gómez-Tejedor and I became a fan of the explanation and strategy, it is a course that was very useful for many traders who were looking for a way to improve their investment. At the moment the explanation of the level 3 of the interactive course of quantitative strategies is being made, which is being developed at this moment in Facebook. I invite you to be part of this excellent course !!! Part of the course can be downloaded here:
Ron in Regina
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How much does the first part of this excellent course cost? I would have checked myself but the link you provided goes no place at all....
Just give them your credit card number Ron and they will take care of all the pesky details.
Hoof Hearted
Something is telling me I should invest 100% of my ass into your face.
Step 1, sell somebody knowledge they should already have.