4 Years of - Trump Did WHAT?

4 Years of - Trump Did WHAT?


Are you trying to complete with Flossy for number of redundant threads?

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Are you trying to complete with Flossy for number of redundant threads?

And welcome back btw.

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Actions Speak Louder Than Words: The Real Donald Trump

Makes you wonder if Trump understood all the fine-print in the contract before he signed on. Option 'B' would be some foreign Government is sticking their fingers in where they don't belong. Somebody should investigate that angle.

Edit to add:
Walnut, if you know something and aren't telling the Law that is an act of treason.
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Makes you wonder if Trump understood all the fine-print in the contract before he signed on. Option 'B' would be some foreign Government is sticking their fingers in where they don't belong. Somebody should investigate that angle.

Edit to add:
Walnut, if you know something and aren't telling the Law that is an act of treason.

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Poor MHz- his miserable Muslim propaganda has been exposed for the hysterical anti western and anti white garbage that it is!!!!!!!!!

His only supporters are other Muslims and assorts minority flakes who hate whites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trump has begun the battle to take back democracy from influence of Antifa dictators!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So many decades of LIE-beral propaganda have created several generations of LOONS who assume all problems of their lives are the fault of others!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One has only to look at Socialist basket case Venezuela or look a few years back to what it was like to live in socialist Argentina to recognize what a hell hole Antifa would make of Canada if we gave them and their LIE-beral allies half a chance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is an article illustrating the muddle headed and dangerous anti democratic values of Antifa thugs. With some comments of my own in brackets):

What the Antifa herd mentality doesn't understand about liberalism

By Farzana Hassan. Published: August 17, 2018. Updated: August 17, 2018 9:12 AM EDT

Filed Under: Toronto SUN/ Opinion/ Columnists

Sun photographer Stan Behal is attacked during an anti-racism protest at Nathan Phillips Square on Saturday, Aug. 11.

(Such deliberate targeting of media is the favorite tactic of third world “self appointed Presidents for Life” - such attitudes always lead to dictatorship! The Nazis- whom Antifa scorns were adept at silencing journalists!)

Antifa has adopted the ways of the jihadis by resorting to intimidation and violence. A participant in an August 11 “anti-hate” rally displayed what must be called raw hatred toward Toronto Sun photographer Stan Behal, who was simply doing his job.

(It is NOT a coincidence that a Wilfred Laurier U. “Communictions class” can watch 3 hours of the Nazi film “Triumph of the Will” - extolling the life ofr Adolf Hitler- but if a student plays a 5 minute clip of Jordan Peterson analysing the limits of free speech under Cdn LIE- beral govt- and then all hell breaks lose! Much more of this crap and we will be having book burning parties just like the Nazis- to PURGE alleged anti social thinking!)

Antifa of course represents the worst in the ultra-liberal left, having justified its actions — including its violence — with the argument that racist violence can be countered only with violence. In the process it seems to have forgotten that even in the face of terrible oppression, any movement that can lay claim to ethical purity has always been non-violent, such as Gandhi’s in India and Martin Luther King’s in the American South. Violence is counterproductive: even a few antisocial actions will always overshadow any organization’s peaceful and constructive initiatives.

(There is of course a fatal flaw in the political and economic aspirations of Antifa and its LIE-beral minded supporters- their goals are all knee jerk automatic opposition to western democratic values- with NO coherent or logical set of values available to replace the democracy and capitalism they seek to destroy!)

(Antifa takes virtually all its inspirations and motivations from the old Soviet Socialist model- and will therefore recreate the Soviet mess- if they get a chance!
Antifa is NOT a forward step - it is a regression by goons who have learned NOTHING from Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and Chairman Mao and other tyrants!)

Not only did Antifa attack journalists in Toronto, but it also held rallies to protest racism in North America against Unite the Right 2 in Charlottesville and Washington, DC. It is acceptable — even noble — to promote one’s views by demonstrating. But what is ignoble is that its members resorted to the same vicious tactics for which it blames the right. Members of the movement attacked journalists and even the police in those cities.

(Even our own LIE-beral govt under Our idiot Boy Justin resorts to bully boy tactics! One has only to look at the political activism of our Human |Rights Kangaroo Courts! In that badly biassed forum, the rights of Catholics are less than homosexual rights- and yet LIE-berals promote the rights of Muslims as SUPERIOR to the rights of either Catholics or homosexuals!)

(When LIE-berals handed out govt grants for summer jobs this year- they made sure that political strings- regarding attestation of group values were included as a condition for the grants- such that Muslims happily LIED to get the grants while Catholics refused to lie and got NOTHING!)

(LIE-berals do NOT offer justice or fair play- they offer only cynical judgements based on how many votes they may win with their biassed views! LIE-berals talk a great game about rights and freedoms- and then try to censor ANY critic of their failed policies by using RACIST SLURS! )

But more profoundly, Antifa seems to have lost track of why certain religious and cultural practices are challenged by journalists and some participants in public discourse. These practices are questioned because they represent the very antithesis of the liberalism Antifa purports to endorse.

Liberalism acknowledges the equality and the dignity of all human beings regardless of race and gender. Antifa should know this but, like most so-called liberals, their opinions are based more on hearsay than on fact. A sort of herd mentality has developed that ignores sometimes complex facts.

(Antifa bases its racist values on ancient discrimination and injuries that are no longer valid- they know this but are using their “quest for justice” as a quick and easy way to get CASH from vote hungry LIE-berals! Cash is king and justice is being BOUGHT- just so LIE-berals can cling to power at any price!)

In Toronto the rally focused specifically on Islamophobia. This is a provocative term that is questionable from the outset, as it encompasses many facets of Islam. People should be free to dislike aspects of any religion or philosophy without enduring such a label.

(Sikhs, Hindus and Jews enjoy life in Canada because they can practice their religions without harassment. Muslims enjoy Canada because it give them a base of operations for establishing the World Wide Caliphate at the expense of non believers- this is political coup IS A VALID REASON for DISCOURAGING any large scale Muslim immigration!)

Most Muslims in this country are no doubt law-abiding and peaceful and have as little to do with sharia as other Canadians. However, the lack of knowledge with which Antifa operates makes it ignore the fact that though Muslim belief is diverse, its Islamist faction pursues a set agenda: establishing parts of oppressive sharia in our tolerant nation. The herd mentality of Antifa prevents it from seeing these important differences among the Muslim population.

(There is growing doubt about the level of respect that most Muslims have towards our basic rights and freedoms! An Imam in Calgary spoke to a large crowd and explained how it is legal in the eyes of Allah to KILL gays- so they will not sin again in future and the crowd applauded his wisdom! And yet LIE-berals go berserk over Peterson and his refusal to use the obscure term “ZHE”! )

(The most ordinary Muslims would not wish to hunt down and kill Gays- But the vital question is this : “how many ordinary Muslims would shrug off reports that radical Muslims were hunting and killing Gays”? Can we count on ordinary Muslims to help uphold our rights and freedoms? The ugly answer is APPEARS TO BE NO!)

(Certain British surveys reveal how very few Muslims would report to the cops if they heard about a terror attack being planned! British Muslims give greater support to terrorists than to their cops and democratic govt- either out of fear of terrorist retaliation or from tacit AGREEMENT with terrorist goals!)

(AS we know- it was ten years ago that Muslims approached LIE-beral premier McGinty for permission to use Sharia Law in their community- yes Muslims wanted Sharia Law to replace LIE-beral Family Law in Ontari-owe! Fortunately McGinty recognized the religious grenade Muslims had tossed him and threw it back saying no thanks! Our idiot Boy Justin has shown no such scruples!)

The rally was led by well-known activist Azeezah Kanji, who has on occasion justified sharia law in her past writings.

Sharia proposes an Islamic state which would not accord full citizenship rights to religious minorities or full equality to women. It would segregate and marginalize women and justify practices like polygamy. It would even pass laws to label any questioning of these measures as an act of blasphemy.

(IN other words Sharia Law would ERASE most of our constitution and- depending on the temper of the times- it would allow govt to SILENCE any critic of their policies! It is no coincidence that both Antifa and LIE-berals seek to SILENCE Islamophobes- meaning ANYBODY who is critical of their policies in any way!)

(Under Sharia Law it would become illegal to defend the rights of Gays. Would become illegal to prosecute or punish a wife beater. Would be illegal to oppose the destruction of Israel. Would be illegal to defend the rights of Jews. LIE-berals are already sending aid to terror group Hamas- so under Sharia Law-just how much of our cash would be sent off to support all manner of anti western revolutionaries?)

(The combination of LIE-beral lust for power at any price coupled with the values of Sharia Law make for a creeping political cancer in Canada- and it is working hard to erase our rights and freedoms!)

Antifa activists have become “useful idiots”, ironically doing the dirty work of fascists who seek a repressive state where any dissent would be brutally punished. These are the very tactics adopted by Islamic radicals when they fear criticism of their heinous agenda or any perceived insults to Islam.

(LIE-berals and their allies do LOVE that political double talk that is based on Orwellian concepts designed to confuse the public! In Orwells book 1984- the Ministry of Truth told lies and the Ministry of Love tortured dissidents!)

(And now we have a furious tide of Fake News washing over us! Wynne-bag LIE-berals swore furiously that they HAD balanced their budget and have now been PROVEN to have hidden and $15 BILLION DOLLAR DEFICIT! Such careful and deliberate LIES are the stuff of Orwellian NIGHTMARES!)

Antifa and other self-professed liberals need to do a bit of research, review their agenda and particularly their strategies and get a more nuanced understanding of who needs protection from what.

(Sadly- it is not research that Antifa needs- since Socialists are ALL CONVINCED that any failure of their muddled policies is NOT the result of flawed thinking on their part! They see ALL socialist failings as the result of hostile action by the west!)

(Socialists see the fall of the Soviet Union as a sad consequence of Soviet efforts to protect its ” peoples revolution” from the hostile west! Pointing out that the Soviet armies facing the west out numbered NATO forces 3 to 1 in men, 5 to 1 in tanks, 7 to 1 in artillery are facts that Socialists dismiss as irrelevant!)

(Socialists blame the poverty of Cuba on Yankee devils who refused to trade with the Soviet Castro dictatorship. Socialists IGNORE the reality that Cuba COULD have traded with all of South America- IF its dismal Soviet economy had been capable of producing ANYTHING that consumers wished to buy!)

(WE cannot reason with nor even educate Antifa because their understanding of the world and judgement of acceptable facts is so highly selective and biassed! And we need to recognize that wretched LIE-berals such as Our idiot Boy Justin are egging on Antifa by giving them acceptance and political legitimacy!)
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Poor MHz- his miserable Muslim propaganda has been exposed for the hysterical anti western and anti white garbage that it is!!!!!!!!!

MegaBUTTHurtz still here.. thought the FBI would have snapped him up already..
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Yeah- the cartoonist Nease usually draws stuff with s humorous edge ........this one about terror is too close to TRUTH to be funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just another thing to add to the list of B.S. stuff LIE-berals have dumped on us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Which one is you?

Be careful, a couple of months ago I overheard somebody saying somebody would be showing up in a couple of months to clean the place up so be careful where you step.
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Yeah- the cartoonist Nease usually draws stuff with s humorous edge ........this one about terror is too close to TRUTH to be funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With any luck one of the White Helmets group that is being relocated will move into your neighborhood. I hear they are trained in first aid and sorcery.
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MegaBUTTHurtz still here.. thought the FBI would have snapped him up already..

If they are on my tail that is also why I'm still free. Must be a sign I'm destined to haunt these halls till time is no more.
Still got the black truck?
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If they are on my tail that is also why I'm still free. Must be a sign I'm destined to haunt these halls till time is no more.
Still got the black truck?

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Poor MHz........you are still free because most people assume you are a harmless fool!

But dont worry- as LIE-berals drive us ever deeper into fiscal disaster and political dictatorship- ever more people become alerted to the crap that people like you are spewing daily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All LIE-beral policy is failing and LIE-berals are lashing themselves into a frenzy trying to deny it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is an article illustrating the scope of the LIE-beral war on common sense and logic- and LIE-berals expect that winning that war will let them cling to power- at any price. With some comments of my own in brackets):

WARMINGTON: TPA calls racial profiling inquiry 'complete and utter garbage'

Joe Warmington. Published: November 30, 2017. Updated: November 30, 2017 6:49 PM EST

Filed Under: Toronto SUN/ News/ Toronto & GTA

Migrant justice group 'No One Is Illegal' protested the Ontario Government for racial profiling by the OPP and endless detentions and deportations. They had their rally in downtown Toronto and marched to the Ministry of Transportation offices at Queen's Park, on Monday August 18, 2014. Stan Behal/Toronto Sun.

(The group “No One Is Illegal”- “NOII”- reveals its racist bias by whining about detentions and deportations! They are trying to defend criminals and trespassers!)
The Ontario Human Rights Commission has launched a “public interest inquiry into racial profiling and racial discrimination by the Toronto Police Service.”

(Our Human Rights- but too often Wrong Commission reveals its own racist bias and craven cowardice by catering to ethnic bigots who resent having to obey Cdn laws like normal people! Former Ontari-owe LIE-beral premier Dalton McGinty set the tone after his two sons were mugged on the way home one evening. McGinty assured us the cops had our safety well in hand and there was NO need to get tough with criminals nor to fear for our safety!)

(Of course Dalton is wealthy thanks to his govt salary and solid gold pension and no doubt lives in a two car family as befits his social status and so can either go pick up the kids in a family vehicle in future- or simply get the kids licenced and insured and turn them loose to drive themselves- with doors locked- all safe and secure in the family rolling fortress!)

(But Dalton IGNORES thousands of other Ontari-owe parents who do not have the luxury of access to nice new and reliable autos and cannot afford to either to offer up a parental chauffer service nor to let their kids drive themselves- so a lot of kids and parents DO want LIE-beral hug a thug judges to get tougher!)

Calling the whole thing “complete and utter garbage,” Toronto Police Association president Mike McCormack says the OHRC has already “decided the outcome before even doing the study.”

“Using its legislated inquiry powers under section 31 of Ontario’s Human Rights Code, the OHRC has called for the TPS, the Toronto Police Services Board and the Special Investigations Unit to provide a wide range of data to determine exactly how and where racial profiling operates in law enforcement,” said a OHRC news release Thursday.

(Human Rights Kangaroo Courts operate according to the preferences of LIE-berals seeking to curry favour and buy the votes of ethnic radicals- so LIE-berals can cling to power at any price! Human Rights Kangaroo Courts do not operate with the same attention to legal evidence as a regular court- since the Kangaroo Court is more concerned with hurt feelings- and PUCHASED LIE-beral votes- than with hard evidence! Hence the willingness of the Kangaroo Court to pre-judge an issue- if there are hurt feelings there must have been wrong doing- and Human Rights poobahs will winkle it out no matter what the cost to society, to justice or to logic! )

Mike McCormack, president of the Toronto Police Association, talks to media at Toronto Police Service headquarters in Toronto, Ont. on Friday February 10, 2017.

The Human Rights Commission will be looking at “practices and activities of the TPS between Jan. 1, 2010 and June 30, 2017 to assess whether they are consistent with racial profiling and racial discrimination against the black community.”

(Several years back, Toronto (Red) Star newspaper made note in an article how quiet it had gotten in Old City Hall youth courts as cops stopped “carding” young guys! No contact between cops and gang thugs means no discovery of drugs or weapons and means gang thugs can go about their “business” without legal interference!)

They will review “stop and questioning practices, use of force and arrests and charges” on things like “simple drug possession, obstructing or assaulting a police officer, causing a disturbance and failing to comply with a bail condition.”

(Assaulting cops and breaching bail conditions are NOT seen as trivial by Cdns!)

“The community has waited for over 40 years to see progress towards eliminating racial profiling, and it can’t afford to wait any longer,” said OHRC Chief Commissioner Renu Mandhane. “Now is the time to pinpoint the problem areas, and do something about them. Ultimately, there is no trust without truth.”

Mandhane also told The Canadian Press “despite the immense pain and suffering it has caused, discrimination in policing has been allowed to continue for decades.”

(Yes- how immense is the pain of some goof caught out with his pockets full of crack and his EXPENSIVE pistol confiscated by a cop!)

The chief commissioner also called it “simply unacceptable” that people who are racially profiled in their youth often warn generations down the road of that fear. She said the “inquiry is not about establishing whether the community’s concerns are founded” because “we know that they are.”

It was a damning rebuke of the TPS. But it did seem odd this inquiry seems to already know the answer before asking the question.

Human Rights poobahs are just following LIE-beral logic in creating jobs for Cdns! People that many Cdns consider to be criminals are actually entrepreneurs- according to LIE-beral logic- and they are small business owners providing a service to the public!)

(That the service involves supplying crack or whores or stolen property to the public is considered IRRELEVANT by bigots of the Black Lives Matter sort! And think of the spin off jobs that are created: if somebody steals the tires and air bags from your car then you will need to buy new ones and have them installed- and LIE-berals will get gravy in the form of sales tax!!)

(If your house is broken into then you will hire a security and alarm group to keep electronic watch on your property! Its all work and govt gets a CUT of each transaction in the form of sales tax revenue! And letting those entrepreneurs earn money from their various dealings means less strain on our welfare system! See- LIE-berals ARE looking after us and keeping us working- in their sick, twisted and utterly selfish way!)

“The fix is in and without a fair process, the chief commissioner should step down,” said McCormack.

(Step down? Hell NO- DISBAND the whole Kangeroo Cabal of LIE-beral BIGOTS!)

Toronto Police spokesperson Meaghan Gray said while TPS “welcomes the inquiry,” she points out hat since 2007, “we have been continually making changes to address issues of implicit bias in delivering police services.”

Gray said the commission’s “characterization of our efforts to date is incorrect” since “for the last five months, (Toronto Police) have been actively engaged with the commission.”

In order to put together seven years of the data the commission requested, “(Toronto Police) would have to spend millions of dollars – resources that have not been allocated for in our existing budget.”

(And of course it is LIE-berals who have made it a CRIME to keep race based statistics so that Cdns will not get a clear look at how badly LIE-beral immigration policy is FAILING- and how few of the kids they have allowed in are actually integrating into our society!)

Instead, Gray said the TPS has offered more than once to provide office space and full access to the raw data and documents. So far, she said, “the commission has not responded.”

(What? The Human Rights Commission does not want to hang itself at the invitation of cops? The truth is out there and it is reverse bigots like LIE-berals, BLM and NOII that want to BURY IT!)