Has anyone else noticed that google is getting more info than before from your server with your IP address?

Before, if I did a search for example "Canadian tire", I would get the closest one to New Liskeard which is the main sever location for Northern tel, my service provider...
And if I wanted to find out if Canadian tire had a certain article in stock I had to specify Kapuskasing in the search.
Now in any search for a chain store Kapuskasing pops up!

This is what I get from another web site,

Hostname:ntl208h101-101-224.nt.netASN:35911ISP:NorthernTel Limited PartnershipOrganization:TelebecServices:

None detectedType:BroadbandAssignment:Likely Static IPBlacklist
:Continent:North America

City:Elk Lake
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A eureka moment:
Last night I had to reprogram a couple of google Minis that I use to play spotify music, because the spotify app couldn't activate the google mini anymore..... that's when I noticed that I originally had to put my address in my google app on my phone so that the google mini would give me some more detailed info when I ask it such as weather and temperature forecast, store opening time and closure....
I still have the option to go on google and change the privacy controls but I don.t care if google knows where I live As long as they don't send me junk mail!
bill barilko
Even when I lived in NE ON I got Elk Lake & Larder Lake mixed up-guess that will never change.