HAND JOBS: Controversial name of Ohio nail salon grips attention

HAND JOBS: Controversial name of Ohio nail salon grips attention
Postmedia News
February 21, 2019
February 21, 2019 1:56 PM EST
An Ohio nail salon’s cheeky name is apparently rubbing people the wrong way.
Officials from Perkins Township have ordered business owner Dawn Moon to take down the sign of her business, Hand Jobs Nails and Spa, after it received a number of complaints from town residents.
While the business name with the double entendre is meant to garner attention, it drew so much negative feedback that the township had to react.
“I have to take into consideration the entire feel and community of Perkins Township,” Perkins Township zoning director Megan Sherland told Cleveland 19 News.
PHO KEENE GREAT: Restaurant sign approved after concerns it was offensive
Restaurant removes ‘Pho Keene Great’ sign over concerns it’s offensive
Moon earlier told Cleveland 19 News that in less than a week after the nail salon’s opening, the “whole country knows about us.”
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“If you go in and get your nose done it’s called a nose job, right? Well, you come in and get your hands done,” said Moon. “You think of something like that and don’t know if you’ll ever do it, but I did.”
While Perkins Township may have received complaints about the “Hand Jobs” name, Moon said she was granted a licence and intends on keeping it as is. She claims her customers and employees get a kick out the name, and nearby businesses have no problem with it.
Moon said she has received some negative feedback.
“Not very classy. Not very community friendly,” she said of one of the complaints.
The business owner plans to appeal the zoning disapproval.
Moon’s nail salon isn’t the first business in recent months to make headlines over its humorous name.
In January, a Keene, N.H., restaurant called Pho Keene Great drew ire because its name sounded like profanity. The establishment’s sign was later approved by city officials.

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A Salon that dries your hair should call themselves 'Blow Jobs'.
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A Salon that dries your hair should call themselves 'Blow Jobs'.

Disney World could change its name to Happy Endings.
'Spa', can my favorite escort meet me there??
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'Spa', can my favorite escort meet me there??

Don't mess with a Canadian escort; they're well trained and armed.
Do they have a price list or would that 'ruin the moment'? (not that it matters as it would not work with my current budget) I am pretty good at treating scrapes and bruises so that is about the way it will stay with my luck. . . . Next topic, . . .
Are the ones with no arms 'special'?? (more expensive)

BTW you spelled ''we're' wrong.

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