In late July, a woman from Indianapolis posed a question on TripAdvisor :

Should she and her husband travel to Riviera Maya for a Mexican vacation? They had read about problems with alcohol at the resorts — vacationers who blacked out and were assaulted, robbed, raped, even died.

Her husband wanted to cancel; she did not.

Replies began popping up in the forum within minutes. After 10 days, there were 55 in all.

Twenty-four of the comments encouraged the couple not to worry.

“Just got back on Saturday and never felt safer,” wrote BeachDog77 from New York.

“I live close to St. Louis and feel much safer in Riviera Maya then I do going to a Cardinals baseball game,” concurred BeachQueen51.

Four included irrelevant comments, such as “Thank you,” or “The pools are 4.3 feet deep.”

What about the other 27 posts? Did anyone express worry, describe problems or share experiences that might serve as warnings?

The public had no way to know.

The posts had all been removed from the forum.