it's still probably nothing. nothing at all.

The OPM breach deepens:

There's still "only" 21.5-million federal employees whose personnel data have been stolen, but the Office of Personnel Management now admits that they've found that the number of individuals whose fingerprints were swiped is up to 5.6 million.

It took weeks before the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) admitted that almost 22-million federal employee personnel and security records had been cracked in two separate attacks. Months later, the OPM and Department of Defense (DoD) confessed that "Of the 21.5 million individuals whose Social Security Numbers and other sensitive information were impacted by the breach, the subset of individuals whose fingerprints have been stolen has increased from a total of approximately 1.1 million to approximately 5.6 million."

The OPM excuse for this delay was that the OPN and DoD had been been "analyzing impacted data to verify its quality and completeness." While the overall estimate of 21.5 million individuals records being revealed has not increased, this puts the privacy of 25 percent of these employees into even more danger. The government promises that "an interagency team will continue to analyze and refine the data as it prepares to mail notification letters to impacted individuals."
The government experts believe that, "as of now, the ability to misuse fingerprint data is limited."
That simply isn't true.


The OPM breach deepens: 5.6 million federal employees' fingerprints stolen | ZDNet