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“Kosher Jesus.”

Rabbi’s ‘Kosher Jesus’ book is denounced as heresy

For an Orthodox Jewish rabbi, Shmuley Boteach has a deeply unorthodox streak.

The bestselling author and TV host has written books on “Kosher Sex,” “Dating Secrets of the 10 Commandments” and his relationship with the late pop star Michael Jackson.

But nothing he has done in a career as one of America’s best-known rabbis has caused quite the stir of his latest book. Even before its publication this month, Boteach came under withering attack in his own Orthodox community, with critics accusing him of exploiting controversy to boost sales and some going so far as to accuse him of heresy.

The title of Boteach’s book? “Kosher Jesus.”

The book focuses on the Christian savior’s Jewishness, portraying him as a hero who stood up to Roman rule of Palestine and paid with his life. In keeping with Jewish theology, it does not accept his resurrection or his divinity. And it emphasizes Boteach’s belief that the New Testament intentionally deflected blame for the crucifixion from the ruling Romans and redirected it — unfairly, Boteach believes — on the shoulders of the Jews.

Given all that, one might expect Christians to take exception. But Boteach’s Jewish critics were way ahead of the curve.

“Boteach’s latest book is apikorsus and must be treated as such,” Rabbi Yitzchok Wolf of Chicago said on an Orthodox news site Jan. 10, using a Hebrew word that roughly translates as heresy. Wolf said he had “utter contempt” for the book — or, at least, for the title.

That, as it turns out, was the only part he had read.

“I am not the consumer that seeks to consume such writings,” he said.

Rabbi Jacob Immanuel Schochet, a prominent Canadian cleric, wrote that the book “poses a tremendous risk to the Jewish community” and proclaimed that it was “forbidden for anyone to buy or read this book, or give its author a platform in any way, shape or form to discuss this topic.”

Both Wolf and Schochet, along with most of the other early critics, are affiliated with Chabad, a large organization of Hasidic Jews known for their strict religious observance. Boteach has a long and tempestuous relationship with the organization.

“I expected ... to be criticized by some Christian clerics,” but not by Jews, Boteach said one night recently, discussing the book before a friendly crowd at a Beverly Hills synagogue.

Boteach is not the first Jew to write about Jesus. His book is based on the work of the late Hyam Maccoby, a Jewish scholar in Britain. Numerous Christian writers have also explored Jesus’ Jewish roots. Still, it is perilous turf for a Jewish writer, especially an Orthodox rabbi.

Boteach says the book is designed to win over both Jews and Christians to a message that he believes has been lost to the mists of history and misunderstanding: Rather than being a divisive figure, Jesus can be a bridge between the faiths.

“We in the Jewish community have a choice,” he said in an interview. “We can either, as has happened for 2,000 years, allow the Christian community to teach us about the Christian Christ, or we can take the initiative and the responsibility of teaching the Christian community about the Jewish Jesus.... He was a Jew, after all.”

Christians, he said, can benefit from a new understanding of Jesus’ humanity. “Embracing Jesus’ Jewishness begins to elucidate his story, his life, his passionate beliefs,” he writes in the book.

That’s fine, said Darrell Bock, a professor of New Testament studies at the Dallas Theological Seminary and a leading authority on the life of Jesus. But, he said, Boteach is wrong in some of his details and not likely to convince Christians, who will be turned off by the presumption that Jesus was fully human.

“The book is a mixed bag,” Bock said. “There are some points that he’s making about the Jewish roots of Jesus … that are certainly the case. But there are other points he is making about Jesus’ mission and the way the Jewish leadership handled him that are probably not an accurate reflection of what took place.”

Jewish critics say they are worried that Christians will use Boteach’s book to try to convert Jews. They also say he is deliberately exploiting controversy.

Boteach insists that is not the case, although he has hardly been shy about it. Then again, shyness is not really a term that applies to a man who claims to be “America’s rabbi.” (That title could change — his name has come up as a potential successor to the chief rabbi of England.)

Boteach was incensed when an Orthodox website refused to publish his response to Wolf’s criticism, saying that it wasn’t appropriate for Jewish children.

“We are the People of the Book,” he said. “We aren’t the people who ban books.”

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Your Father is the Devil: Zionist Jews Demand Censorship of New Testament Holy Bible -
TruNews 08 09 19

Today on TRUNEWS we discuss the crusade by Zionist Kabbalist’s like Chabad “Rabbi” Shmuley Boteach to ban the New Testament, and enslave humanity with the help of cowardly spiritual turncoats like Dr. Michael Brown.

...Gee walter, are you still worried about Muslims?
( I know you have a very hard time with Israeli admissions that THEY support isis and their pals...)

Maybe you guys should have pieced these guys off so they don't mob you and your religion and divide and conquer you all to pieces.
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“Kosher Jesus.”

Rabbi’s ‘Kosher Jesus’ book is denounced as heresy

For an Orthodox Jewish rabbi, Shmuley Boteach has a deeply unorthodox streak.

I don't struggle with or read long screeds!
So, why are you here again? KKKliffie's memes?

Cory Booker’s Old Pal Rabbi Shmuley Uses Presidential Bid To Scold About Israel

Boteach said that Booker needed to reverse his long-held position on the Iran nuclear deal. “You’ve got to repudiate your support for the Iran deal, completely,” he said. “If you don’t repudiate your support for the Iran deal, and you don’t change your position on Israel,

I think it will undermine you in this run for the presidency in a very serious way.

Some people enjoy the giant brainwashed fakenews dik in the ass while it interferes with OUR governments. Hope that's not all they have in future times of starvation. YOU may just be on the list to Palestinianated too in the not too distant future.
( take a look at the ol TSX...*wink* )

I hope this is short and sweet enough for people with short attention spans:

IDF chief finally acknowledges that Israel supplied weapons to Syrian rebels

In interview with UK’s Sunday Times, outgoing army commander Gadi Eisenkot says.

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I don't struggle with or read long screeds!

I'll bet that you can't!
The thread is "The religion of Peace in action"

Not Joo whataboutery
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I'll bet that you can't!

It's dangerous to judge others by yourself.
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The thread is "The religion of Peace in action"

Not Joo whataboutery

Well said!
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It's dangerous to judge others by yourself.

That's okay pigs, Boomer and the other intelligensia on here will help you out.
American Airlines Mechanic Charged with Sabotaging Plane with 150 Passengers Onboard

Mechanic's name is Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani. Bloody Baptists.
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American Airlines Mechanic Charged with Sabotaging Plane with 150 Passengers Onboard

Mechanic's name is Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani. Bloody Baptists.

Are they the ones that decide wages??
Afghan man wanted to murder porn-star daughter: Cops
Brad Hunter
September 9, 2019
September 9, 2019 12:29 PM EDT
Mohammed Patman,left, and Darya Khan Safi were arrested on charges of wanting to perform an honour killing on Patmans porn star daughter.
She turned her back on her Muslim faith and embraced life as a porn star.
Now, intelligence officials in Britain say they have arrested two Afghan men who are accused of plotting to kidnap and murder one of their daughters.
Mohammed Patman, 54, and Darya Khan Safi, 49, are accused of tracking Patman’s 25-year-old daughter.
The duo allegedly planned to kill her in Austria or Slovakia, where she now lives with her husband and performs in sexxx-rated movies, the Sunday Express reports.
They were arrested in London and Coventry on Sunday.
“The pair were wanted by the Slovakian authorities for conspiring to murder the 25-year-old woman, who was living in Austria and working in Slovakia at a company she ran with her husband,” a National Crime Agency spokesman said.
“Armed Operations Unit officers undertook surveillance on the two men as they prepared to make multiple trips to both Austria and Slovakia where, investigators believe, they carried out their own surveillance on the victim.”
The spokesman added: “They were seen blacking out the windows and swapping the tires for winter tires on a vehicle they subsequently used to drive to both countries.”
Telephone and Internet records allowed detectives to connect the dots.
Former porn star Mia Khalifa said death threats from ISIS drove her from the Sexxx-rated business. MIA KHALIFA/ INSTAGRAM
According to the Sunday Express, the woman moved to Slovakia in 2017 after meeting her husband. She later converted to Judaism.
The couple ran an erotic photography and adult film business. She has starred in a number of the raunchy romps.
Patman and Safi are in custody in London. The two had been granted asylum in the U.K. for assisting the British military during fighting in Afghanistan.
Another woman with Middle Eastern heritage was also targeted for her career in porn.
Beirut-born Mia Khalifa was threatened with death after she wore a hijab during a porn scene. She has since left the business.

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