A quarter of Lib Dem MPs were not elected as Lib Dems

Phillip Lee is one of the latest Remainers (and it is all Remainers) to have switched parties and then refused to hold a by-election (because Remainers detest democracy).

Mr Lee traversed the Commons floor from the Tory benches to the Liberal Undemocrats benches on Tuesday night as Mr Johnson was speaking.

This means that a quarter of the MPs of the Remainer Liberal Undemocrats weren't elected as Lib Undems...

A quarter of Lib Dem MPs were not elected as Lib Dems

And yet they refuse to allow the public to have their say.

5th September 2019

The illiberal, anti-democratic Liberal Democrats gained another MP today. Luciana Berger jumped ship from Change UK – party of the nought per cent – having previously left Labour in February. Berger is the Lib Dems’ second scalp this week after Remoaner Tory Phillip Lee crossed the floor, depriving Boris Johnson of his majority.

The Lib Dems boast that they are ‘surging’. There are now 16 Lib Dem MPs sitting in the House of Commons. But only 12 of these won seats at the last General Election in 2017. (One of whom resigned the whip in December 2018, but another was elected in the Brecon and Radnorshire by-election.)

In other words, a quarter of the Lib Dems in parliament were elected for other parties, on different mandates. Coming from the Tories and Labour, all four were elected on manifestos that promised to deliver Brexit.

The honourable thing for an MP to do when crossing the floor is to hold a by-election – to confirm that his or her constituents support their change of heart. This would be very tricky for our current defectors.

The Lib Dem vote share in these MPs’ constituencies is embarrassingly low. Just 12.9 per cent of Sarah Wollaston’s Totnes constituents backed the Lib Dems in 2017. And it gets lower from there. In Philip Lee’s Bracknell constituency, 7.5 per cent voted Lib Dem, while the Lib Dems won just 6.5 per cent of the vote in both Chuka Umunna’s Streatham constituency and Luciana Berger’s Liverpool Wavertree.

It’s no wonder they have refused to go back to the people.

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Are they first termers?
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Are they first termers?

Chuka Umunna, for example, was the Labour MP for Streatham in London since 2010. He then crossed over to the misnamed new Remainer party Change UK earlier this year and then went over to the Liberal Undemocrats.

On both occasions he refused to hold a by-election. His constituents voted to have a Labour MP but, because of his actions, they now have a Lib Undem MP, even though just 6.5% of his constituents voted for the Lib Undems in the last election.

It's scandal and a shocking betrayal of democracy.

The democratic abuses being perpetrated in Britain right now are shocking. If this was occurring in some shitty Third World country the UN would be getting involved.

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