Peter O'Toole Dead at 81

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I'm not sure if you know this or not, but Thomas Kinkade passed away a little while ago as well. He was quite young, and I enjoyed working on jigsaw puzzles that used his paintings as the puzzle.

May both he and Peter O'Toole rest in peace.

Once celebrities step out of the limelight, it is more difficult to know for sure.

i'm sorry to hear that. thanks for the info.
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i'm sorry to hear that. thanks for the info.

You're welcome.
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Here's Peter O'Toole in his element along with Richard Harris = hellraisers!

Richard Harris, Peter O'Toole & Munster Rugby - YouTube
British firefighter moonlights as porn star Peter Oh Tool
Brad Hunter
August 19, 2019
August 19, 2019 3:46 PM EDT
London firefighter Peter Donaghey, 45.FACEBOOK
A British firefighter is setting his station house ablaze with the revelation he moonlights as a porn star named Peter Oh Tool.
Peter Donaghey, 45, has openly boasted about his sideline to fellow firefighters at the Park Royal Fire Station in London.
He has appeared in more than 50 sexxx-rated video clips, including the Pleasure Professionals and Fake Taxi.
During his tenure in adult cinema, Donaghey has played a plumber, a male nurse and a businessman. In addition, he has appeared in skin-flick spoofs of The Godfather and Star Wars.
By day, Peter Donaghey, 45, is a London firefighter. But by night he’s a porn star named Peter Oh Tool.
“At first we thought he was making it up but someone googled Peter Oh Tool and there he was — larger than life!” one colleague told the U.K. Sun.
“He seems quite a big star in the adult industry and has been in so many smutty films it’s a wonder he’s got enough energy left to put out fires. A lot of his colleagues couldn’t care less what he gets up to off-duty and have a good laugh at his movies.”
The pal added: “He has also told female colleagues all about it and doesn’t appear to be the slightest bit shy or ashamed.”

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