Internet on the move

Hi All,
My office is going to relocate to a new place, so management told me the old building will be renovating, so they will be disconnecting the electricity and plumbing from the office but common space will be working as normal. As the equipment and other kinds of stuff were moved out, manager told me to secure all the files and data from the server before moving it. The internet connection in the building was still working. One day when I was working I couldn't get any internet access to the WiFi even when the WiFi was switched on I tried to switch it on and off but still, it wasn't working very well. As I have a deadline to meetup I have called up a temporary WiFi rental service for inquiry. As I am trying it for the first time I am not aware of the things that I need to know before installing one? Can you people let me know what all I should be aware of?
Be clad to help, I need you bank account sign in page and your password so I can verify you are a for real person. Hope you understand as there are rumors that some criminal have found ways to exploit people on the innernet. Us hired perfessionals are here to stop it cold. Thanx in advance.
FBI Informer number available upon request.
Take your pill