Do You Think Canada Chokes Alot

Any questions?
No choking other then the Russians. Well done boys!
Way to go Canada!!!!

We also got 4 medals today, 1 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze!
and Canada just got gold and silver in womens 2 man bobsled....yee haw
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and Canada just got gold and silver in womens 2 man bobsled....yee haw

the first-second in womens bobsled was awesome, seems like our athletes have kicked it up a few notches today!
and now a silver in womens 3000 meter relay short track speed skating.
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That has always been the problem. We are not willing to spend the money. This year our win/loss ratio should be better because that "Own the podium" thing did pump some money into our system. Next year our athletes will be orphans again. It's a lose lose situation. If we fully support our athletes, we get people crying and picketing because the homeless are starving. If we don't fund athletic programs people bitch about how lousy our athletes are and the homeless are still starving. Is there a solution? Who knows..

I agree with you..

Perhaps corporate tax donations where every dollar is matched by a tax dollar as well.. It seems if corporations or governments try to go it alone it doesn't get done. A mix of both might work perhaps ?

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