Hackers hit 60 banks, steal $75 million

Sixty million euro has been stolen from bank accounts in a massive cyber bank raid after fraudsters raided dozens of financial institutions around the world.

According to a joint report by software security firm McAfee and Guardian Analytics, more than 60 firms have suffered from what it has called an "insider level of understanding".

"The fraudsters' objective in these attacks is to siphon large amounts from high balance accounts, hence the name chosen for this research - Operation High Roller," the report said.

"If all of the attempted fraud campaigns were as successful as the Netherlands example we describe in this report, the total attempted fraud could be as high as 2bn euro (1.6bn)."


Fraud Ring In Hacking Attack On 60 Banks
If these problems can't be resolved, we may have to go back to the days when physical objects were the primary form of currency like silver, gold and Rai stones

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