Galianomomma ... I thought you needed your very own thread after Peapod picked on you so badly yesterday.

How's the painting coming along? Did the shades of paint match after they dried or are you back on the ladder re-doing the whole thing?

Gotta say ... better you than me!

Hugz to the puppies. Especially the howling hound! And to the girls. You done good ... they are very nice young women!

And ChickPea (my better half) says hi and thanks for the coffee table. Can't see much of it since I am so messy and have it covered with manicure stuff, crochet pattern books, bowls of chocolate treats and newspapers. But we very much appreciate it.
hi babe! yeah, i was up til 12 midnight....burning the oil and fini my painting. yippee!! i can't believe it. now i need to do the trim and all will be right in my world. small as it is.

thanks for the hugs for the pets, i know they appreciate them. i like my hugs too!

what's new with you guys? let's get together sometime next week, either we will come out or you guys come into town. i dunno if it will be my male counterpart, or that pea pod. one or the other, but we will have some fun.

love ya, and say hi to the chick pea!!

bevvy - if you happen to read this, what colour did you paint your place.
hey its another person who i dont know
hi there 007. kewl pic.
ur is kool 2
starbucks christmas party tonight, all jesters are your invite over here...don't show up drunk :P wait until we get there :P
yup, i should be able to make. usually time, i presume. do i pick you up or are you walking? hey - we should do a 'secret santa' with everyone - either the gang at starbucks or on the forum. that would be fun!
Hey Hoe :P Is your line at work off the hook I cannot get through to you...bring a gift for a child. It will all be given for hopsice childern.. later gater
ummm.....please return the reindeer antlers to starbucks I told you they will not help you with your flying :P
Hey I was just going to leave for 10 minutes and what do I spy with my little eye, why my dearest friend galaniomama Sup girlfriend. :P
hi's it goin? are you heading over to 'buckies for a latte?

it's goin' good! work is busy, i have almost finished everything-there-is-to-do-with-christmas-ha!!!! that will be the day. what has happened to me this year? i am festive and it is so early yet. i have almost finished my christmas shopping and actually looking forward to the onset of relatives, friends, fiends, and whatever that will visit my door or greet me on the street. no sno tho...that is one big bummer. i wish we could get snow for christmas eve. perfection. sigh.
ya sounds good. I will be cleaning up the mess you and cosmos made over last weekend I knew the two of you would find some excuse to back out at the last minute. christ after all how many times now have you invited me over to supper??? and no one has been home. I could start getting pissed off at you, but hey I get even in our wrestling matches. I am taking friday off and going on the ferry to take ladyC out for dinner, try to make amend for the low trick you two pulled. I am coming back on friday night, last ferry. On the weekend I have some hometown people coming to stay to shop for christmas, the usual gaggle, we will stop buy, have lots of liquor for them, they are from port alberni, so you know they can drink Also I have been warned by the gaggle if my computer even goes on it will be thrown out the window I think they are serious.
#13's it going to today? This must be your last day :P office party today?
are you kidding???? i work for engineers. doesn't that say enough. yawn. double yawn. nah, i work a full day today, but have tomorrow and next week off. yippee. hit the road tonight for the turkey upisland. then back down to finish up some baking and stuff. then downtown tomorrow for bread pick up then over to the peas for a coffee then home and start in on the cookin. yeah, that's about right i think.
Turkey up island? where? You don't have your baking down yet? quit drinking on the job, and you will get it down. ehm....what day is open house over at your joint. And what kind of goodies are you giving out? I like those prunes wrapped in bacon....yummy those are really good. :P

When you make those bacon and prune whore de whores, do you cook the bacon first?
Rick van Opbergen
Can I have the recipe for prune whore de whores? Somehow it's sounds very interesting, and I think I can definitely push my mom into making it :P
Hey mama!!!!! :P where you been hiding???
hey i guess i never gave you guys my famous recipe for prunes and bacon whores? can't remember what they are called but you put a pitted date around a half slice of bacon and broil them. they are awesome....and they keep you regular
Hey bacon and prune whore de whore...whats you been doing?? Where you been hiding I bet food is involved.
volunteer work pea! all weekend, but it was i am exhausted and back to work. oh! i worked in the garden yesterday though! do you want any tomatoes? rosemary is just starting to come up, and the basil is moving along at an ok clip. let me know what you need. coffee - soon!
I already got my tomato plants, brought them cheap at the farmers market in nanaimo. Blah! I went to move my parents on Saturday, but as with my clan, plans change all the time. My brothers actually moved them on friday, but no one told me. So everything was done when we arrived, so I layed in the hammock all day and watched the peacocks next door.(not men, real birds) And than I watched the new colt that was born last week to the neighbour behind my parents, run around the pasture. You will really love this new property they have....yes mama, coffee, soon.
do your parents just keep a forwarding addy for people? i don't think i know of anyone else who moves as much as your ma and pa....

sounds like you had a good one though......yeah, let's do cafe tomorrow night. will that work for you?
This will be the last time to!!! We all refuse to move them now. This property has lots of work for my papa, he can paint fences for awhile. When the work runs out...I will send him to your place, cause we are not moving them again! Its distrubing when your parents still think they are in their twenties.
well, look at my ma. she still think i am about 16. it is downright scary 'cause i know i will be the same at 80!

halloween - do you have reflective tape on that costume?
christmas - now don't eat too fast
anyday - are you tired? why don't you lay down....
groan.....sweet - to a certain point - then just downright annoying!
you forgot that she cheats at scrabble. I love your mom tho, she laughs at my jokes
of course she cheats at scrabble. she's allowed to...she's 80 - something. at least that's her excuse
Do my eyes decieve me, galaniomama on the board at night
The best thing about your mom, is when she scolds you. I have to bite my lip, really hard!! cause I want to burst out laughing. I wanna yell out, hey galaniomama how come your ma is telling you off in your own house Of course you handle it with grace as always. The wine also helps alot
really? well, are you allowed in the yard yet, or is it still 'off bounds'? god, sounds like a kids game don't it?

and pea....the wine really helps!
Its not "out of bounds" Its "your not allowed in the yard" and that is a good thing, as martha would say. That way if one of my brothers or sisters want to visit or vise versa, well if you don't want them to come, we say "your not allowed in the yard" saves us from making excuse up. Yes my parents also live by the motto "your not allowed in the yard" *big sigh* exciting right