How will Canada be affected? Winners and losers of the looming trade war

This story is about what Canadians may feel as a result of the talks, and can be taken as a mix of good and bad news. While trade wars are often bad, we have no input in the proceedings.

Whatever your feelings about Trump, he is a businessman. From that perspective, how will the US handle things? Like any negotiation, gloom and doom is often implied or threatened by both sides, in order to get the edge. Both sides have much to lose, if negotiations do not go well. This is a case of grabbing some popcorn and watching from the wings.

The truth is rarely an extreme.

The bullet points are below. Follow the link to read about each.

Winners and losers of the looming trade war between China and the U.S.
Few predict Canada will come out ahead, but there may be marginal gains to be had
Pete Evans CBC News

While few are suggesting the good outweighs the bad in what's looking increasingly like a trade war between the world's two largest economies, that's not to say there won't be any individual winners and losers as the battles unfold.

Loser: stock market investors
Winner: anyone who wants low interest rates
Loser: the loonie
Winner: some Canadian exporters
Loser: everyone
Winner: also maybe everyone?

Winners and losers of the looming trade war between China and the U.S. | CBC News
Could always be like China and export from another Country.

When Obama slapped tarried on Chinese steel exports from Vietnam mysteriously jumped by 400%.
Yes, and a similar situation may be repeated again. The result will be more middle of the road than the naysayers predictions.
Some business people in Canada are saying that the effects of a US-China trade war would be minimal.

"The trade spat had a “very muted effect on the (Canadian) market,” Derek Holt, analyst at The Bank of Nova Scotia said. The agricultural sector dealt with minor losses, with corn down 2 per cent, but the Canadian currency has not been too affected, which is where you would see the negatives, he said."

We might be able to sell to China, if they are looking for alternatives to certain goods available from the US.

How a U.S.-China trade war could help — and hurt — Canadian industries
When it comes to protecting its industry, Canada has a few tools to tinker with

- Swikar Oli

Rumblings of a China-U.S. trade war could boost the prospects of Canadian industries, but it would also cause global disruptions and force Canadians to defend their markets against heightened American competition.

China announced tariffs Wednesday against U.S. plans to apply US$50 billion worth of tariffs on 106 imports by issuing a list of U.S. goods including soybeans, whisky, beef, industrial chemicals and small aircraft in the escalating dispute.

That’s on top of import charges announced Monday on 128 items including fruit, nuts, pork, ginseng, wine, steel pipe and aluminum scrap in retaliation for an estimated US$3 billion in U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminum.

Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland warned on Wednesday the global trading order that Canada helped create faces its most “fraught” moment threat since the Second World War, if the China-U.S. trade war escalates.

How a U.S.-China trade war could help
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