Dirty Driving

Did anyone watch this documentary? It's not about amateur racing exactly, although that's a big part of the lives of the people who 'starred' in the film. What the film is about, for the most part, is the 'hollowing out' of Anderson, Indiana - a small rust belt town. I know, I know. They had to find the most redneckie people they could find, but that's life - missing teetht, mullets and squeezing performance parts and new quarter panels into the budget!

YouTube - Dirty Driving Promo: Thunder Cat Of Indiana (HBO)
I should also mention this film features figure 8 racing, but not ordinary figure 8 racing, they do it with buses! BUSES.
You gotta git sum new enertainmunt said1 cuz that wuz a ****ty clip
I know the clip doesn't epitomize the hollowing out phenomenon experienced by rust belt towns or the people, but the film does. And it was the only one I could find.

Come on, even femmeniste gave it a good review!

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