Beast in bush ... boar attacked dog

Boar beaten off by Rose, 80

January 04, 2007

A WOMAN aged 80 fought off three wild boar as they attacked her dog — belting one of them on the nose.

Rosemarie Hamilton-Meikle lashed out after hearing a “terrible screaming noise” as her pet Bosun wandered into bushes.

She ran in after him to find the wire-haired dachshund — which stands just 14ins high — lying on the ground in front of the boar.

Brave Rosemarie said: “I thought Bosun was dead. But I think he had been tossed up into the air and left winded.”

She swung her lead around her head and scared off the two females — but the male boar stood his ground just three feet away.

Scare ... Rose with Bosun

Rosemarie, of Plymouth, Devon, added: “The lead has a heavy metal clip so I swung it and caught him on the nose. Then I picked up Bosun and walked away. Fortunately the boar did not follow.”

Four-year-old Bosun was unhurt. The scare came in Buckland Monachorum, near Dartmoor, devon — on the day ANOTHER dogwalker was confronted by a boar.

An RSPCA spokeswoman said: “Wild boar tend to avoid people but are more aggressive when young are around.”