Weird Question: Do you drink coffee?

I'm just a little curious as to whether the trend in coffee drinkers in going down. I, myself, drink tons of coffee. My favourite is from Second Cup at 8:00am.. But it goes throughout the whole day until 6pm, when I switch to decaf.

I also own a 800$ espresso machine. It's all good
Bleah Coffee.. Maybe i'll like it when i'm older but now i think its.. bah! lol
I drink coffee as a fish - 7 am till 12 night. Love it
Quote: Originally Posted by moghrabi

I drink coffee as a fish - 7 am till 12 night. Love it

Excellent, another coffee lover

BTW, that cat of your is cracked out! It keeps blinking at me, freaky.
it likes you.

You have the chance to have a Second Cup. Here, we have only Starbuck,, not very good. I like Nespresso coffee, bessst in the world.
Second cup is the best. period
Personally I love Esquires coffee. Not certain if its available in all your areas, should be in Toronto. Second Cup though is my second choice if I cant get any Esquires..

On a side note with working night shifts my coffee intake has gone down to almost nothing, but I still love that first 4 cups of coffee in the AM or in my case PM
Well just to let youall know. My real favorite is Turkish coffee. You have to try it and see.
I don't really like coffee, it's a bit too bland and sour, but I guess that's what wakes you up in the morning, that taste. I do drink tea almost every day though.
Quote: Originally Posted by moghrabi

Well just to let youall know. My real favorite is Turkish coffee. You have to try it and see.

Moghrabi, I LOVE TURKISH COFFEE!! It's awesome stuff. I can only buy it at one restaurant near my house, Red Rose I think it's called. A persian resto. Grrreat stuff

I wish I could make it, but I don't know how and I don't have a tobruk (I think that's what they're called).

Cheers to coffee
Andem. Give your address and I'll send you one. To make it is so easy. The coffee you can buy from any store like safeway. Make sure it is made and packaged in Lebanon.
weird question indeed.

yes, i drink coffee. one in the morning and maybe one in the afternoon, but thats only sometimes. espresso is nasty and cappuccino is just.. too fancy for me, thanks.
Hmm. I'll drink tea then..
I drink coffee, usually not till i get settled in to work in the AM though. There is a company where I live called 5 o'clock coffee that sets up their brand in local offices and stores. It is really bad, but we have managed to smuggle our own in. I like my coffee black and in a big mug. When the temp is just right I'll chug it.
coffee is yuck! i dont drink the stuf~
fuzzy. This why you look like that in the pic. You don't drink coffee. Try it and you will become handsome.
Oh Thats not nice!
hahahahaha, You're hilarious moghrabi You will look like a monkey if you don't keep your body refreshed with coffee _atleast_ once per day
Andem, Why do you like coffee?
Personaly, I dont drink coffee. I have never had to drink the stuff. Though I have had coffee flavored ice cream
Yes I like my coffee on morning shifts...

Mmm irish cream or hazlenut...warm fuzzy feelings all over
Nothing's like that first sip of coffee in the morning....I drink it only in the morning, and I can't stand those flavored fancy-trendy coffees.
I drink all day long, but I do need that morning cup Get the day started on the right foot.
Eternal Sunshine: I can't stand to much of the trendy stuff either, but once in awhile its a nice treat from the usual. I never usually have time to do anything fancy for myself, lol.

As i run out the door for work, its usually a strong cup of coffee, 2 spoons of sugar, and a cold peice of toast... :/
I've seen a rise in the number of people who drink chilled coffee. I've tried it once but didn't care for it really.

Is there a trend for chilled coffees in Canada, or has anyone in here tried it?
Whats chilled Coffee?
Frappacino, try starbucks sometime, its over priced and over sugared.... lol

iced coffee, with lotsa cream and sugar, lol
Second Cup's iced cappuccino is alright.. Tim Hortons is also ok, but it depends on who makes it. I won't buy Tim's iced cap if its not made by this woman near my house in Toronto.

Dunno what it is that I like about hers, but at other timmy's, its just not that good!

By the way, Tim Horton's coffee is crap. City dwellers like me probably prefer Second Cup because we've tasted better -- infact, there's Second Cup all over the place here, and the number of Starbucks in Toronto seems to be dwindling in favour of Second Cup or Timothy's World Coffee..

That's my little tidbits
My wife asks me if I would like a cup of Java. I reply... no thanks babe!
THEN what I do is ... I just have a sip from her cup once its made. It drives her crazy!!

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