Relocating to Toronto.

Hello all,

I currently live in Montreal QC, and am seriously considering moving to Toronto in the next 3-6 months. It is something I have thought about for a while and the timing seems right: I have recently lost my job due to a reorganization, am single, and my apartment lease period will end soon.

I have some questions.

- Naturally I will need to get a new job. How far in advance is it best to start sending out resumes? Should I move and do my job search there? I am a junior software developer (primarily C++), with roughly 1 year of professional experience. Do employers mind if job candidates got their degree in a francophone university?

- What neighbourhoods would you recommend? I don't have a car so nearby public transit is essential. I have only one friend there so I will probably go out quite a bit (movies, clubbing, pubs), at least initially. I am planning to do some tech support for a while (before I get a job at a software company), and I am told to expect a hourly wage in the $20-$23 range.

- Any pitfalls I should avoid along the way?

Thanks for reading.
Hi, I'm the one who lives in Toronto. I recommend Younge&Finch, this area is convenient to downtown and other region in Toronto by bus, subway or highway, and there has shopping malls, restaurants, pubs, a theater and a library just for what you want, this area is safety and busy. The rental for a one bed room condo is from $1200 to $1500.

About your job, I think you needn't worry too much about it, you could find a job directly or from a job agency like CNC. I don't think employer will mind which university your graduated, your working experience is the big concern for them, BTW, sometimes bilingual is an added assets.

Good luck and welcome to Toronto.
Hey Blackmesa,

I'd fire out some resumes maybe 2 months in advance... make sure you let them know you'll be moving. Times are fairly good in IT so you should be able to find suitable employment. Wouldn't worry about the francophone education, you sound like you are fluent in English.

As far as where to live, if you're young and need to be on the transit line check out Yonge and Eglinton (referred to as 'young and eligeable'). Its around mid-town and right on the subway, not too far from downtown.