'Murderous' five-mile asteroid will 'wipe out life on Earth' claims doomsday preacher

'Murderous' five-mile asteroid will 'wipe out life on Earth' claims doomsday preacher

Pastor Ricardo Salazar claims God has warned him the monsterous space rock, made largely of ice, will land in the sea bringing devastating tsunamis that will ravage continents and kill millions of people.

Pastor Salazar, from the Global Church of the King of Israel, in Tokyo, Japan, claims in an online video that is going viral that the horrific event on May 16 2016 will initially kill 1,200million people and leave a world at the mercy of famine and disease for four years before the Anti-Christ descends to Earth.

In a doomsday video the preacher, known as 'the pastor of Japan" said: "The Earth is coming to the last steps as we know it.

"Brethren you know what we have been in a party the whole time we have fun the whole time and we only have God as a reference

"We don't want this party to end, but seek God right now, the party is over you have to be serious."

He said the impact in an undisclosed ocean strike would send huge tsunamis across the globe, killing millions of people.

He added: "Also the consequence will be famine in the world, infection, cholera…they will die and good neighbours will kill each other for food.

"The asteroid that is coming to earth at 30,000 km per hour, that is made mainly of ice, is 9km in diameter and it is a murderous one - it is going to hit the ocean."

Pastor Salazar claimed God had foretold him of the event and said: "The Lord told me most houses in the world will fall by the earthquake from the impact.

"In 2020 the Anti-Christ will come in the middle of a destroyed world that desperately will seek for peace."

Pastor Salazar is the latest in a long line of prophets who have (hopefully) got their dates wrong.

Harold Camping predicted the end of the world was coming in 2011.

In 2015, we had incorrect claims that went viral online that an asteroid would hit us last month and the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse on September 28 was the beginning of the end.


Mr Camping's 2011 false prophecy was so widespread thousands of his supporters reportedly sold belongings and left jobs ahead of the looming deadline.

Of course his deadline came and went as did others since, and more probably after next May.

Many claim today there is a financial motivation, as huge hit counts on YouTube can lead to a share of advertising profits.

Others suggest it can be an attention seeking disorder, gaining such notoriety.

Lorenzo DiTommaso, associate professor of religion at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, suggested after Mr Camping's dud prediction that those making the claims have a "genuine belief", otherwise it would not work.

But, apocalyptical prophecies have been around for at least 23 centuries since the Book of Daniel and another theory is such claims feed a human desire for the unknown.

source: End of the world: Asteroid will 'wipe out life' on Earth | Science | News | Daily Express


The Sky is Falling, the Sky is Falling... literally.

Have to get my tax refund before May 2016..
maybe he tryin to get one last big score
If I had any faith in the predictions of god botherers I would take out as big a loan as possible at as many banks as possible about two weeks before the event.
i thought mabus..or US bam was the anti christ

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