Future Cities and Buildings

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Perhaps cities will not exist at all. After all, there is no need for people to get together physically in large quantities if we have devices for realistic imitation of live communication. What do you think?

Perhaps we will become our device.
Angels will have left mankind a bunch of 'cities' all over the universe that will be vacant and ready for people to start using. Your speculation could have more merit than you think.
Somebody interested in doing some reading that should inspire all sorts of 'futuristic art' should use the travels in the Book of Enoch. The universe is where angels currently live, that will be where people live. The first 120 years as 'mortals' like Adam and Eve and the rest of eternity as an 'immortal' so where Enoch went is going to be visited by many people as well as a whole lot more. An artist could use the visions as is as the book is public domain.
For this earth perma-culture methods would make a suitable way to do the landscaping. Haiti rebuilt using a few billion in shipping containers and some bent drill-stem could be used to build the city in the 'canyons' and the 'flatland' would just be fields.
Perhaps something covered with a thin layer of earth and the tornadoes rage above.