Canadian woman first in 55 years to win Nobel Prize in Physics

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.....and only the third woman to do so.

Donna Strickland, associate professor at Ontario's University of Waterloo, was honoured on Tuesday for being half of the team to discover Chirped Pulse Amplification, a technique that underpins today's short-pulse, high-intensity lasers.

The 59-year-old Guelph, Ont., native made the discovery while completing her PhD at the University of Rochester in New York and will share half of the US$1.01-million prize with her doctoral adviser, French physicist Gerard Mourou. The other half of the prize will go to Arthur Ashkin of the United States, who was the third winner of the award.

Rock on Donna............You Go Girl.
Good for her.
A Canadian gets a reward for work she has done in the US, are we getting to the bottom pf the barrel for who get honored? I assume the taxes from the prize stay in the US.
Isn,t there three half shares to that physics award?

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