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Ever wonder why we never meet any new matter even though we are supposed to be expanding in all directions at the same time?

Matter and energy are convertable each into the other and are in a constant eternal transformative relationship. I am not expanding. I am shrinking. The earth is however expanding, them comic rays are stuffing themselves into the core, hence the present volcanic activity. There is nothing for the universe to expand into. There is no place for nothing in this one universe. Babies,for instance, are just recycled matter shocked into life by the sparks created by parental familiarising friction resulting in start up. Nothing is wasted in the natural world every bit of it is in play at all times. No new matter just new configurations of the same old.
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Galaxies and stars are all unique in makeup, yet the universe is from a pattern that cannot be anything but what the past has created.
Pushed to the limit it was created as a sand-box fot the child of two 'Gods', the two that Adam and Eve were modeled after. Mankind will end up doing the same once they are perfected and are given in marriage so they also have a child and created a 'sand-box' for them that is joined to the perfected being once they are also perfected. Each one uses matter that is not used in any other 'sand-box'. That is the matrix we are part of, the universe is as big as one cell from our whole body when compared to the 'big picture'
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Upside Down Thinking

Posted on November 23, 2018 by Louis Hissink
Mark Gober’s book describing the scientifically verified idea, that consciousness is not an epiphenomenon of the human brain, is controversial; and scientifically well founded. It is opposed by the various official skeptics and atheistic humanists who are also physical materialists, brainwashed with the Newtonian gravity billiard ball universe model with black holes, dark matter, neutron stars and other ideas generated in their ivory towers in The Matrix. The skeptics are best described by Fred Hoyle and paraphrasing him, as those who think with too few ideas; if they think in the first place. The skeptics argument is easily refuted.
Consider a simple atom model that is best explained by a large sports stadium at the centre of which is a ping-pong ball, the atomic nucleus. The electron shells are outside the stadium, so the intervening space between the first electron shell and the nucleus is huge. What is this space made from? In the skeptical camp, nothing. In the Electric Universe camp, aether, an interpretation not to please the official skeptics. But is that space real or imagined. If imagined, then it has to be due to the operation of consciousness.
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