Police issue eh?-fit.

9 February 2006


I've never seen anyone like that, never mind my burglar, says victim

By Aidan Mcgurran

A PUB landlady wants police to issue another computerised image of the man who burgled her premises - because the first one is so odd it looks nothing like anyone she has ever seen.

The e-fit features a man with the top of his right ear missing and a dark moustache covering three-quarters of his top lip.

But Kim Rule, joint licensee of the Grebe in Stalham, Norfolk, said: "I don't think I've ever seen anyone who looks like that in my life.

"The man in the picture has half an ear. He didn't have half an ear. And his moustache wasn't like that."

She added: "Apparently the problem with the moustache was that the police only had long moustaches on their computer so they had to chop it off at the ends."

Several local journalists thought the image was a joke when it was circulated - and the comical e-fit has raised a chuckle in police ranks.

One officer who did not wish to be named said: "If he looks like that, we won't have much difficulty finding him."

A Norfolk police spokesman said: "We can't comment on current e-fits as that might jeopardise investigations."

The man in the image is alleged to have distracted bar staff on Sunday while an accomplice slipped into a back room and removed two safes containing cash and valuables.

Police said the suspect who spoke to staff was 18 to 20, 5ft 4in, with short brown hair, stubble and a dark complexion.

Frodo grew a moustache and had a haircut????

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