BC mom gives birth in parking lot

Maybe Gordon Campbell doesn't know what he's doing. Maybe if you didn't cut back on health care they wouldn't have had to transfer that women to another hospital.
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Really, I read this, this is the most disturbing crap. The doctors told her not to worry, she has at least another six hours of labour. Since when can doctors determine how long a birth (it's a miracle after all) can take. Doctors have their heads up their asses man. We still don't know what an appendix is for but suddenly we can determine birth times?

Sad sad sad.
In all fairness, we had space shortages before Gordon Campbell. When I was working in Vancouver we had to send a patient to Alberta because we didn't have room for her.

As far as determining the time of birth, the standard rule of thumb is one hour per centimeter. No one thinks it's set in stone, but it's used to estimate. It is entirely possible she came into the hospital in early labor and the doctors thought she had plenty of time to get to the hospital that does deliveries (I'm sure they knew their community hospital didn't do them before that day).

It's unfortunate she had to deliver the way she did.
Perhaps it's time that the Legislature of British Columbia begin dramatically reworking the budget to allocate more funds to restoring previously-cut health services? If they can afford up to thirty percent wage increases within the Legislature itself, I think they can spare a few dollars for the rest of us.
I agree. Space shortages in hospitals equal poor quality medical care. Young women should be able to deliver babies in community hospitals, not drive hours over icy mountain roads to a regional hospital. We have to do better than that! And I agree that Nurses and Doctors should recieve raises before dumb-ass politicians!
the caracal kid
gripe, gripe, gripe. some people are never satisfied.
Yeah, I guess we shouldn't be griping over health care issues. A women has to give birth in a parking lot, in Canada, but who cares? She should be satisfied that there was a parking lot to give birth in!
As long as we continue to accept that there is nothing worng with our health care system, this is what we can expect.

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