Cnn host fumes: 'fake news' like 'n-word'

this is the same lying whiny bastard Sniff Snifferson from this infamous story:


CNN host Chris Cuomo said on Thursday that he believes hurling the "fake news" insult at journalists is similar to when individuals use racial slurs against minorities.

"I see being called 'fake news' as the equivalent of the n-word for journalists," Cuomo said on SiriusXM, "the equivalent of calling an Italian any of the ugly words that people have for that ethnicity."

"That's what fake news is to a journalist," the CNN host continued, adding, "It's an ugly insult and you better be right if you're going to charge a journalist with lying on purpose."

Earlier in the day, Cuomo said being called "fake news" is "like an ethnic disparagement" for journalists, but he fell short at the time of comparing it to the n-word.

Cuomo initially made the comparison after President Donald Trump tweeted that he was advancing so-called "fake news."

A spokesperson for CNN did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

CNN's Chris Cuomo: 'Fake news' insult 'equivalent of the n-word for journalists' - Business Insider

and then the loser had to apologize after being caught out as a snifftard.

Christopher C. Cuomo Verified account ‏@ChrisCuomo
Christopher C. Cuomo Retweeted Michael Smerconish
I was wrong. Calling a journalist fake -nothing compared to the pain of a racial slur. I should not have said it. I apologize

No defending CNN host for comparing 'fake news' to n-word - NY Daily News

CNN anchor apologizes for comparing ‘fake news’ insult to ‘the n-word’ - POLITICO
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