Toyota recalling 7.4 million vehicles worldwide

Toyota Motor Corp. is recalling 7.43 million vehicles worldwide over a faulty power-window switch the latest, massive quality woes for Japan's top automaker.

The recall, announced Wednesday, affects more than a dozen models produced from 2005 through 2010.

Toyota Canada said about 240,000 vehicles were being recalled in Canada.

The power-window switch on the driver's side didn't have grease applied evenly during production, causing friction in the switch and sometimes smoke, according to Toyota.


Toyota recalling 7.4 million vehicles worldwide - Business - CBC News
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In the end, a power window switch is a pretty minor recall.
North American manufacturers would just sell you new switches until you got one that worked for a while.
Such a minor thing, why is it news? My Mazda was recalled because the wiper motors were blowing in them... I don't think that ever made the news.
It makes the news because it's Toyota.
lone wolf
Toyota recalls for faulty power windows. GM and Ford thought "profit first" before Corvair, saddle tanks and Pinto. Go figure....