Parties to lose per-vote subsidy permanently , Liberals now support elimination

So, the Liberals were for it, before they were against it, or they were against it, before they were for it, or something

But NDP MP Pat Martin says, 'Public financing of political parties is far more fair and equitable than the frantic frenzy of begging and groveling they’ve been reduced to today.'

A public subsidy for federal political parties that cost taxpayers a total of $266-million over the past decade and contributed to a dramatic Parliamentary crisis when the Conservatives first attempted to end it is drawing to a close at the end of March, terminated by the party that benefited the most from its regular vote-based installments. The generous allowance is going out with more of a whimper than a bang after three years of phasing out—despite the uproar Prime Minister Stephen Harper (Calgary Southwest, Alta.) caused when he prorogued Parliament in 2008 to avoid a constitutional confrontation with the opposition over a fall budget that included the government’s first attempt to end the electoral subsidy but no plan to address the historic recession that was beginning to send world economies into deep freeze.

The revitalized Liberal Party under leader Justin Trudeau (Papineau, Que.) now supports elimination of the subsidy, a senior Liberal MP told The Hill Times Wednesday.

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Parties to lose per-vote subsidy permanently April 1, Liberals now support elimination |
LOL it never gets boring.
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Is NDP MP Pat Martin's comment "'Public financing of political parties is far more fair and equitable..." because the NDP can't get donations?? As far as I'm concerned political parties should have to fundraise to get money for their own damn campaigns. Not be given money that comes from all taxpayers. The Liberals change their minds so often about everything,senior Liberal MP says they now support elimination of the subsidy, how long is that going to last??
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The original intent comes from a different era in time. A few decades ago it
was thought that a per vote contribution from government would reflect the
percentage of population that supported one party or another and in this way
all voices would be heard. The truth is communication and information sharing
has come a long way since the time this legislation was introduced and its now
out lived its time.
As for the NDP well they probably have their fundraising campaigns like anyone
else same as the Liberals and Tories. As long as equal access to being heard
is maintained fine, but who listens is up to the public.
The idea of this was also to stop the process of " buying " influence with a political party by large corporations and thier wealthy owners, was it not?