I would love to be an elementary school teacher. I am planning to come to Canada in 1 or 2 years (with help of the skilled-worker visa). I come from Czech republic.
I don't work as a teacher here in CR. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree (Computer Science) and work as a Software developer. I considered going to university in CR and become a teacher, but that way is just too long (I would have to study 5 years here (there is no possibility in CR to make some use of my recent degree) plus I would perhaps have to get some certificates in Canada).
So I thougth I would come to Canada and get my Bachelor of Education there. I found out there are 1- or 2-years college programs for undergraduates. That would be perfect as I wouldn't like to study for too long (+couldn't afford it, probably).
The problem is, any time I check a university for such a program, it shows up that having a BS is not sufficient. You also have to have completed some courses (literature, history etc.) (here is an example: http://www.educ.sfu.ca/pdp/admissions/requirements.html). I don't have these, I only had math and computer science at my university. Sometimes the university gives exact numbers of courses that satisfy the requirement on various universities. I just don't know, how can I fulfill these prerequisities. Do I have to study another Bachelor program to have these fulfilled?? Or you can just go to some university and say I want to take this, this and this course (yeah, this sounds weird)?
So what you think would be the quickest way to become an elementar teacher (I want to teach small kids, not just teach math at a secondary school (even though that would be more natural with my current education)?
I am confused with surfing universities sites and I am never sure, whether I fulfill the requirements or what should I do to fullfill them. I know that I'll have to pass the language exams (that's fine, will study for that) plus that my university is in ...International Something, so my degree should be accepted in Canada.
Oh, and I can't find requirements for this program: http://www.uottawa.ca/academic/info/...grams/726.html
Would someone know the precise way for me to go? Some university program where I would meet the admission conditions. Or is there no such way and I would have to study the full 4 years to become a BEd?
Thanks a lot.