CODEX, the Codex Alimentarius Commission is part of the FAO and WHO in the United Nations.

CODEX is looking to include noxious chemicals in what is now labeled as organic food. Organic food is supposed to have no chemical additives, pesticides, herbicides, GMO, or fungicides of any sort.
Crude corporate interests who sell drugs like Bayer and BASF want to change the rules on organic food to suit their purposes to the detriment of the eating and buying public. They want to sell drugs that make people sicker and use biotech to pollute our environment.

Big corporations can sell organic food like anyone else, but they cannot change the rules. CODEX controls the labeling through the WTO on food and this is very important to public health.

MPs in Canada must speak out in Parliament and put in their literature information on CODEX as this is respect for the environment in a big way. This is a bureaucratic-corporate issue that the big multinationals must lose. I had never heard of CODEX until I read an article in the FEb 2007 issue of Common Ground magazine and it is one of those very important organizations the mainstream media never mentions.

Organic food is winning and must not be derailed by irresponsible corporate interests.