Patrik Mathews, A Desirable Immigrant

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American police warned former army reservist in Manitoba likely crossed border
By Staff The Canadian Press

Police in the United States say a missing former army reservist with alleged ties to a neo-Nazi group is likely to have walked across the border from Manitoba and may have weapons.
Patrik Mathews was last seen by family members in Beausejour, northeast of Winnipeg, on Aug. 24.
RCMP have said they found his vehicle Monday on a rural property near Piney in the province’s southeast, about nine kilometres from the U.S. border.
Kittson County Sheriff Mark Wilwant says a bulletin was issued to nearby counties to be on the lookout for Mathews.
He says it’s assumed the 26-year-old walked across the border in a remote area and that he could be carrying weapons.

He'll fit right in.
Great day for Trump
A Canadian neo-Nazi? Can't happen. We're all nice, harmless, polite, and friendly over here, don'tcha know. lol

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