Elizabeth Smart’s father Ed comes out, says he's getting divorced

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Elizabeth Smart’s father Ed comes out, says he's getting divorced
American Media Inc.
August 16, 2019
August 16, 2019 3:50 PM EDT
Kidnapping survivor Elizabeth Smart’s father has come out as gay — and revealed he plans to divorce his longtime wife.
In a heartfelt Facebook message, Ed Smart dropped the news, explaining his reason for leaving Lois Smart, the mother of his six children.
The Salt Lake Tribune reported that Ed deleted the post shortly after sharing it on Thursday, August 15, but confirmed the shocking confession was legitimate.
Speaking to KUTV about exposing his sexuality, Ed said said he “struggled with this” for most of his life. He refused to comment when reached via phone by RadarOnline.com.
His famous daughter also released a statement about her parents’ shocking split.
“My parents taught me as a young child that they would love me unconditionally no matter what happened,” Elizabeth said. “While I am deeply saddened by their separation, nothing could change my love and admiration for them both. Their decisions are very personal. As such, I will not pass judgment and rather am focusing on loving and supporting them and the other members of my family.”
Radar readers know Elizabeth was kidnapped from the Salt Lake City, Utah family home in 2002 and held captive for nine months, repeatedly Brian David Mitchell and Wanda Barzee. She was rescued on March 12, 2003 and returned home to live with her parents.
According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Lois filed for divorce from Ed on July 5, 2019.
Ed’s note on Facebook reportedly read: “Lois has been a loyal wife, and extraordinary mother, who has had to endure an impossible part of this journey. I deeply regret the excruciating pain this has caused her. Hurting her was never my intent. While our marriage will end, my love for Lois and everyone in my family is eternal,” according to the Deseret News, who broke the story.
“My faith is strong, and unwavering, however, after considerable study, prayer and pondering I have come to a change in my beliefs. It is because of this change, that I can finally acknowledge and accept my orientation. Had I not had a change in my beliefs, I would have likely remained closeted the rest of my life,” he continued. “As an openly gay man, the church is not a place where I find solace any longer. It is not my responsibility to tell the church, its members or its leadership what to believe about the rightness or wrongness of being LGBTQ.”
Elizabeth Smart is 'grateful’ for kidnapping after dad’s gay confession
American Media Inc.
August 27, 2019
August 27, 2019 6:05 PM EDT
Elizabeth Smart. (Instagram)
Elizabeth Smart revealed she is grateful for what was likely the most horrific experience of her life, RadarOnline.com has learned.
In a lengthy Instagram post on Monday, August 26 – less than two weeks after her father Ed Smart came out as gay – the kidnapping survivor admitted that being tortured and abused for nine months at the hands of Brian David Mitchell and Wanda Barzee in 2002 is now an experience she is thankful for.
“I never thought I would say that I’m grateful for what happened to me as a 14 year old girl (sic) but I can honestly say that I’m not sorry it happened to me because of what it has allowed me to do, the people I’ve been able to meet, and the cause that has become and driven such a large part of my life,” Elizabeth, 31, wrote on the photo sharing app.
She added: “I’ve had the opportunity to speak to and interact with the Georgia Sheriff’s Association on the Sex Offender Registry, and the Federal Probation and Pretrial Officer Association. I know there is no perfect piece of legislation or protocol that makes surviving rape and sexual violence easy on any level but I must say I am so grateful for people who keep coming back everyday doing their best to help protect and prevent future crimes from happening.”
As Radar readers know, it’s been nearly one year since Elizabeth’s nightmare of her female captor Barzee being released from prison came true. The 73-year-old is currently living in a halfway house in Salt Lake City, Utah.
In an exclusive interview with Ed on August 16, Elizabeth’s father confirmed she has finally found freedom despite Barzee walking free in her hometown state.
“The feds have been very respective of [Elizabeth],” Ed told Radar. “We know that Wanda is on an ankle bracelet so she’s not going to be able to cause trouble or problems.”
Elizabeth shared a similar sentiment in her Instagram reveal.
“Coming up on a year ago Wanda Barzee was released from prison much to my disappointment however I so appreciate the time the federal probation officers took to speak with me and address my safety concerns,” Elizabeth added. “As an advocate for victims I know first hand that it doesn’t always feel like justice is served however it makes such a difference to be considered in the process even if that process includes perpetrators being released from prison.”
Radar exclusively revealed that Elizabeth has accepted her dad’s newfound identity as Ed announced to the world that he is divorcing her mother, Lois Smart.
In a touching letter to her father, Elizabeth wrote, “Dad, I didn’t come home to lose you, and I want you in my life,” Ed revealed to Radar.
Elizabeth was abducted from the Smart family home in Salt Lake City in 2002 at knifepoint. Mitchell and Barzee tortured her for nine months in the wilderness before she was rescued by police at a local grocery store nine months later.
Elizabeth Smart with her family. (Instagram)
The survivor welcomed her third child with her husband, Matt, last year.
Meanwhile, she continues to be a voice for kidnapping victims. Earlier this year, Elizabeth spoke out in support of survivor Jayme Closs, 13, who was abducted from her Barron, Wisconsin home after her kidnapper Jake Patterson murdered her parents. He has since been sentenced to life in prison without parole.
That's a pretty intense amount of forgiveness there.

Wonder how many people will believe her.
Curious Cdn
Who the hell is Elizabeth Smart?
Google is not YOUR friend. Nor is the page in front of you.


Elizabeth was abducted from the Smart family home in Salt Lake City in 2002 at knifepoint. Mitchell and Barzee tortured her for nine months in the wilderness before she was rescued by police at a local grocery store nine months later.

Learn how to read dumbass.
But I guess why read about kidnapped and trafficked and abused children when you can have one?

Say, where is that cliffy fella? This would be right up his alley too.
Quote: Originally Posted by Curious Cdn View Post

Who the hell is Elizabeth Smart?

Her brother used to be a secret agent

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