NEB approves Trans Mountain pipeline.

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Damn that Harper for ramming pipelines down hippy throats.

The federal government now has seven months to make a decision on the controversial Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain upipeline, after the national regulator gave its support to the proposed project.

Karma's a bitch.

Let the Trudeau back stabbing begin. Look out Lizzy May..
The consolidated Energy East application has arrived, all 38,885 pages of it:

sunny fukkin ways ya retards.
Looks like all that's going to come out of those pipes would be wood smoke

You guys really try, I'll give you that.

Not only is this subject to 200 conditions, it still has to go through a federal advisory panel that Trudeau just enacted - one of three new advisory panels in fact.

They could actually overrule the decision of the NEB if they want.

But, yes, facts.

Conbots hate them.
captain morgan
This must be like a stab in your little black heart Flossy.

I feel for ya bud
You should feel for yourself because this is not surprising to me in the slightest.
I wonder if JT will ever get to use the phrase, 'Just watch me.'

Considering where Ottawa is I doubt you will see the gas turned off anytime soon. Ontario should buy from AB and sell to Quebec at artificially inflated prices.