Camerawoman Who Tripped Refugee To Sue Victim

Camerawoman Who Tripped Refugee To Sue Victim

Video of Petra Laszlo tripping a refugee caused outrage - now she plans to sue both her victim and Facebook.

A Hungarian camerawoman who was filmed tripping up a refugee who was carrying a child says she now plans to sue him.

Petra Laszlo was fired by broadcaster N1TV after the footage emerged in September, and she faces a criminal trial in Hungary.

She has told a Russian newspaper that she plans to file two lawsuits when her trial is over.

The first will be to sue the refugee - Osama Abdul Mohsen - for allegedly changing his testimony to police, and Facebook for allegedly refusing to remove threatening groups on the site.

She said: "(Mr Mohsen) changed his testimony, because he initially blamed the police.

"My husband wants to prove my innocence. For him, it is now a matter of honour."

The incident took place on 8 September near the Hungarian border village of Roszke, when migrants and refugees from Syria crossed a police cordon as they attempted to travel through Hungary and into Western Europe.

A video taken by another journalist captured the moment Laszlo tripped Mr Mohsen, who was carrying his young son in his arms.

The video also appears to show her kicking two others.

Laszlo told the newspaper that she may move to Russia after he trial is over.

She said: "We consider Russia and we think that we will begin to learn Russian.

"For us it is important to leave Hungary. We will decide after the trial."

source: Camerawoman Who Tripped Refugee To Sue Victim


That's just insane. I hope a sharp attorney takes up the case and counter sues the camerawoman..
what innocences is her husband trying to prove? Can you imagine what kind of reasoning this woman has done inside her soft little head that has her thinking this way.
No, actually. I cannot imagine that. :/
This woman was already the lowest form of life in my eyes, I didn't think she could get any lower... I was wrong.

I wish somebody would start up a GoFundMe for those refugees to hire lawyers to counter sue.

Maybe Facebook will counter sue on behalf of the refugees as they are also being sued.
With you on this one boomer the whole thing is nonsense she forgot
while she was taking pictures so was someone else. The refugee
may have thought the trip was by someone else but the picture proves
other wise. she is not only an idiot she ia a mean spirited idiot
I don't normally condone violence towards women but someone seriously needs to knock some friggin' sense into that bimbo's head.
She basically committed assault and now wants to sue her victims. How completely f*cked in the head can one possibly be?

She's also an idiot for forgetting the cardinal rule of journalism; never become the story.
The victim must have very deep pockets to be a refugee. Maybe he's Tom Petty.
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She must really be an American.
Why am I agreeing with B00mer? Yeah , this woman was total scum. She's kicking kids ffs, why isn't she in prison ?
the refugee went on a trip.

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