The Harper govít did exactly what was needed and Mohamed Fahmy hasnít a clue

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TORONTO - A Canadian journalist who was released from prison in Egypt last month has returned home, marking the end of his nearly two-year ordeal in a case that raised questions about Egypt's commitment to free speech.

Mohamed Fahmy, a former Al-Jazeera journalist detained on terror-related charges, arrived in Toronto on Sunday.

"This is what I've been waiting for," Fahmy said Monday.


Mohamed Fahmy, released from Egyptian prison last month, now back in Canada - Brandon Sun

but anyway...some MF luv:

Norman Spector ‏@nspector4

Basically the Harper govít did exactly what was needed and Mohamed Fahmy hasnít a clue

Fahmy seems to criticize Baird for being too vocal about Canada's efforts and Harper for not being vocal enough

Fahmy knows why it was done quietly. Another ungrateful lefty

This jerk is an ingrate. A quiet thank you, then on to his B.C. journalism job would be fine. I'll pass on his upcoming book.

grateful...really. have a hard time seeing that. If PMSH grandstanded his actions MF might still be in prison

@nspector4 @ezralevant Will we see that info on @CBCNews @CTVNews @GlobalNational ? Doubt it, they tend to avoid anything positive about PM

Norman Spector ‏@nspector4

Noticed that @TorontoStar omitted this from today's A8 report on @MFFahmy11 @shephardm @torontolibrary

Maclean's Magazine Verified account ‏@MacleansMag

Video: 'Sitting in that prison cell, it was difficult not to feel betrayed' ó @MFFahmy11 speaks with @CityNews :

Alberta Mom ‏@grichard737

Alberta Mom Retweeted Maclean's Magazine
You abandoned Canada, went to work for Aljazeera, #ungrateful Fahmy, what have you done for Canada? You offend CA!

what exactly is al jazeera again?
Quote: Originally Posted by Locutus View Post

what exactly is al jazeera again?

it's the gap between channel 58 and 60 that didnt make "favourites" on th cable remote.

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