Replics of HMS Victory burnt to celebrate Trafalgar


Thousands of spectators watched as two schoolgirls set alight a replica of Nelson's flagship HMS Victory to mark the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar. See the photos the burning ship here.
Pictures © PA


A team of 30 volunteers took two years to build the half-size mock-up of the wooden warship to watch it go up in flames as part of a charity fund-raiser.

Around 20,000 spectators, from as far afield as Australia and New Zealand, witnessed the event.

The Torrington Cavaliers fund-raising group, which built the craft, hoped to raise £57,000 - the cost of the original HMS Victory - for cancer charities and local good causes by burning the 100ft vessel, named the Torrington Victory.

Since being founded 35 years ago the Cavaliers have forged a reputation for building and firing some of the country's most spectacular bonfires.


The Cavaliers are already planning something equally spectacular - but less intricate - for their next project.
Seems like kind of a waste to me, which is kinda wierd because I love fire more than anyone I know. So much work, burned for fun... hmm

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