Meow! Claws beared

#31 do gots it mandy... speaking of bitches!!!! I gots a good one about my you shall see..I learned from the master.......

Well once upon a time, my parents lived over in kerrisdale, a burb of vancouver, I went over to visit me momsy, I forgots some prescription cream that I was using at home. So me mom says go and see Dr. X and get a refill. Now Dr. X was a good friend of me mothers, they like to compare leg muscles...I had never met Dr.X but had heard about him. So I go into see DrX, and he does not know that I am the daughter of his friend. Well I am sitting in the examination room telling him why I was there...and than.....all of a momsy...bursts into the examination room, she grabs me by my ponytail...and yells...hey lady I was here ahead of you....
Well DrX has backed into a corner, (chicken shit) and has a most frightened look on his face.....hehehehehehe than me and momsy start laughing.....arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh says Dr. X....
sounds like something my Nanny would have done. Mom learned from her, I learned and perfected from my mothers teachings
yes some momsy's have the mojo Recently me momsy has been under alot of stress, my papa has been sick. She told me she recently told her doctor that she fears she has alzheimer's, as she cannot remember anything. The doc said, no you don't, your just under alot of pressure, here answer a few questions for me....k says me momsy....alright who is the prime minister of momsy said.....Mackenzie king of course...hahahhaahahahhaahahahhaha...thats me momsy
too funny, sounds like she'd get along great with my mummy
Well no I dont mandy....she really bugs me...just kiddin