Wait a minute where the heck is galaniomama?? I knew something was wrong around here...hold on I will call her....

galaniomama says her little speech...
Peapod: what up mama?
galaniomama: Hey..not much
Peapod: where you been?
galaniomama: no where, working on my project
Peapod: Well I am calling about your absentee ass from the board
galaniomama: Be there shortly
Peapod: Right...later
galaniomama: correct

hangs up phone
okay babes, it has been awhile, and i am suffering from withdrawl symptoms. cannot be helped i am up to my ass in alligators.....gawd, will i ever be the same after this event. makes ya kinda wonder what you can wade into. once next weekend is fini i will be too. 700 people, 6 hours, 6 portapotties and 1000 smokies later....not necessarily in that order. the coordinator actually quit on monday, so guess who is kinda working like a forensic idiot to decode the mysteries of computerland........

enough already. so whazz new, pea? gimme the low down in a slow down.....ha!
Well right now I gotta go hang my nickers on the later
ha! are they candyassed nickers that are only found in candyland? my god pea, i was dizzy after reading those posts. obviously i have been away too long..... . it will take me ages just to catch up on all of this stuff.....
Funny innit?? I was tinkin about galaniomama just now..
hey pea....i was sure i just heard you tinkling in the other room

long time no tinkle, but i am back ~ with a vengance
whoa! mama, where you been so long I miss seening da racoon face around here. gots to settle mom down mama....Okay mama whats your news?? something must have happened since last we did meet...good hamburgers btw. thats my new sig now...wanna see it again...
Where is the mama I miss her
Mama gots the rest of summer off...grgrgrgrgrgrgrgr...she's spending her time in gum boots....grgrgrgrgrgr...I will be seeing tis evening mom, I will pass da message on....
I goes to run a errand this morning, I was looking for a particular place.....well the parking lot was pretty much full, but I found a spot. I happened to look over to the left and what do I see I coulds not believe it Galaniomama sitting in front of ali baba's pizza joint..eating a huge piece of pizza, I mean it was HUDGE! So I yelled out my window.....YOU PIG! well galaniomama cannots see she is looking left and right...wondering if someone is talking to her....she continues to munch down. So I yell out the window again..YOU PIG! Now she really looks around, and looks at her pizza. hahahahahaahhahahahaahhaha...I cannots believe she cannot see me...So I yell again...YOU PIG! now only her eyes dart back and forth...ah!!!! busted! but I killed myself laughing...bwhahahhaahhahahaha